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Men and Women, Giovanna Abate: “With Sammy, during the first night …”

Giovanna Abate And Sammy Hassan they chose, more than two months ago, a Men and women but apparently they never chose to embark on a real relationship. After months of conjecture and hypothesis, last week they had revealed their different versions of the facts, from which in one way or another it seemed evident that a story between the two had never begun. But, a week later, Giovanna speaks again. After months of silence we manage to hear the girl speak twice in ten days: a record! The tronista does not seem to have gone down the statements of the ex (so can we define him?) And finally adds some details about their situation post choice.

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Giovanna and Sammy

Character incompatibility “seemed to be the trending justification on the websites of gossip, as well as the official reason for Sammy Hassan’s choice on the end of the relationship with Giovanna Abate. The two had chosen to leave the program together Maria De Filippi, after a long obstacle course that began in September, which continued during the period of lockdown and concluded with the limping choice of May. Released from dating show, something went wrong, confirming the thesis of the public that they did not see them well together. If, on the one hand, Sammy has maintained the line of incompatibility, on the other hand, Giovanna wanted to specify, in a long letter, that she was the only one who believed in the couple. Today, a week after the first declarations, the tronista returns to speak to Magazine from Men and women, adding unedited details about the relationship with Sammy.

Eight days of engagement

The girl tells, with much bitterness, to the U&D Magazine how he lived the period after the choice with Sammy and how he is experiencing this phase of rupture:

I wanted this story with Sammy with all of myself and I really believed that, with the last emotions I felt in the program, things could grow outside. I never thought that once we got out we would still be nothing concrete. I was convinced that we were already something and that all this could turn into love or an irremediable mess, but only after a real acquaintance. Something that didn’t exist because from when we went out to when we broke up we lived there for 8 days total and felt for just over 3 weeks. You can’t think of getting an idea of ​​a relationship like this.

Giovanna then justified herself on the phase of silence following the break up to date, specifying that she too was confused by the situation to the point of not knowing what to say …

It’s all Sammy’s fault

Giovanna also specifies that she was willing to have a story differently from Sammy:

I left the program with the desire to start a serious relationship, which by definition is constantly nurtured at the beginning. The discussions Sammy spoke of cannot be called such. The real quarrels only arose when I asked to see each other, because it was not possible to finish a story with messages that inevitably became heavy and ruin the day of both. It seems to want to pass me off as that not very light but it is too comfortable to play on the fact that someone inside the program was giving me this label. For me we went out as a couple, for him as a great acquaintance. He did not want to trust this relationship. Today I feel like saying that all the beauty that was between us, my story, ended up there on those red armchairs in the study center.

“He didn’t want to know my parents”

During the mini period of dating, Giovanna would have proposed to Sammy to meet his family:

If I choose to get engaged, I do it with the best of intentions. I just tried to include him in my reality, also because it is natural that the people who were close to me wanted to know him. I didn’t think it seemed rash to let him meet my family or friends, considering he did the same too. It’s a way like any other to make a person feel part of their life.

“Your son wasn’t a problem”

The story continues with the first and only week in which the two would have seen each other:

The first few days went well, we teased about little things but nothing that wasn’t part of a normal conversation between two people who are trying to measure how they want to live a relationship. He was in Rome twice, we got along well, until Monday 22 June I went up to Milan, where he let me into his spaces. We organized ourselves according to your schedule with the baby and I went to sleep from Cecilia Zagarrigo to leave him free to manage his time with serenity. This is one of the reasons why I cannot accept reading that he declares that I, not having the same experience as him, could not understand him. It’s a lie. (…)

Right there in Milan there was their first big fight:

After the first quarrel in Milan, for which I do not specify the reasons for fairness, we experienced days of ups and downs. I was in Rome, but I couldn’t accept that everything had been ruined and so I got on a train again to Milan to still spend his birthday together, even though we should have spent it here with me. I warned him while I was already on the carriage and he picked me up from the station.

“It all happened during the night”

Giovanna then finally tells how and when it ended:

I had gone with the desire to bury the hatchet. But as soon as we met, everything went into the background and we lived: we seemed to have found the harmony again. In the middle of the night, however, he wanted to go back to talking about the problems we had had in the previous days, once again in a heated way, telling me he wanted to close. It seemed specious. He left the hotel and decided not to spend his birthday with me the next day. I only found out through social media that it was in Forte dei Marmi.

“You should have told me no”

Giovanna declares to Magazine that at the time of the choice Sammy should have told her no. She was one step away from falling in love, while he had no intention of starting a relationship. But he doesn’t regret following his heart despite the negative outcome.

What do you think of Giovanna’s statements? Is the girl telling the truth or is she yet another “version” of the facts? We will understand a lot from Sammy’s reaction and whether he intends to reply.

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