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Michael Bully Herbig: Comedian’s Fortune

How much money does Michael Bully Herbig have?

Michael Herbig is known to many television viewers by his nickname Bully. The ProSieben show bully parade made him very well known from the late 1990s. But it turned out to be his greatest success Manitou’s shoe, the most successful German film to date. In many productions, Herbig is not only in front of the camera, but also produces, directs and also writes the script. The cherished Michael Bully Herbig’s net worth is EUR 35 million.

Michael Bully Herbig’s net worth

Income from Michael Bully Herbig
Michael Bully Herbig and his HerbX media production company TV shows. In doing so, he laid a major foundation stone for his current fortune. In 1998 the herbX tonstudios were added, taking on radio reports and advertising as well as the soundtracking of films. Then in 1999 herbX film and the post production company Xframe were founded. Thus, Herbig earns money not only as an actor, director and screenwriter, but also as a producer of films as well as television and radio broadcasts. In addition, Herbig was the testimonial of Haribo from 2015 to 2018 and appeared in their commercials. Michael Bully Herbig can further increase his fortune with lucrative advertising contracts.

Beginnings on the radio

His Michael Herbig was nicknamed Bully when he was still at school. Because there were several Michaels in his class, a teacher started addressing Herbig as Bully. The reason for this was that he was wearing a Bayern Munich jersey and Magirus-Deutz, the club’s sponsor at the time, the slogan The cops are coming! had. Herbig began his career in the early 1990s with appearances on the radio show Langemann and the morning crew on radio gong. He already formed a duo with his long-term partner Rick Kavanian. In addition, Herbig was sometimes in front of the camera for the regional television broadcaster TV Munich.

Known throughout Germany with the bully parade

In 1996 Herbig founded his company herbX medienproduktion. This presented the comedy short film in the same year Easy bully in which Kavanian and Christian Tramitz also played alongside Herbig. ProSieben quickly became aware of the trio and immediately signed it for them broadcast bully parade. By 2002, a total of 90 episodes of the sketch show, which was nominated for the Golden Rose of Montreux in 1998, 1999 and 2002, ran. In addition, she was on the nomination list for the German Television Award in 2000 and 2001.

The most successful German film of all time

Michael Bully Herbig assets
Herbig, Kavanian and Tramitz were also on the radio show in 1997 bullys Late Light Show to listen. Herbig released the comedy CD in 1998 Fine Fressi. The first film he was involved in was the RTL production The lifeguards – women, booze, save lives from 1999. In 2000 he performed in film Erkan & Stefan Director. A year later followed Manitou’s shoe, in which, among other things, Sky du Mont played. Michael Herbig produced the western parody with his company herbX film, which he founded at the beginning of 1999, he also co-wrote the script, directed and was also seen as the leading actor. the Manitou’s shoe attracted around 11.7 million viewers to the cinemas and made 65 million euros in sales. This makes it the most successful German film of all time and also increased Michael Bully Herbig’s fortune enormously.

Film jack-of-all-trades Michael Bully Herbig

With (T) Spaceship Surprise – Period 1 Another film came out in 2004, in which Herbig was producer, co-screenwriter, director and leading actor in personal union. With around 9.1 million moviegoers, the comedy set in motion Second place on the list of the most successful German films. The corresponding single Space taxi, which Herbig, Kavanian and Tramitz recorded together with Stefan Raab, reached number 2 in the charts in Germany and Austria.

As a result, Michael Bully Herbig was involved in many different film and television productions as a producer, author, director and leading actor. From 2004 to 2006 he directed the sketch show with Kavanian Bully & Rick. The animated film was released in 2007 Lissi and the wild emperor, 2009 the real film version Wickie and the strong men and 2013 the comedy Buddy. When the bully parade Celebrated 20th anniversary, brought the makers Bullyparade – the film in the cinemas. Herbig made the film a year later balloon. In 2021 Michael Bully Herbig joined the show as the host Last one laughing on Amazon Prime on.

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