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Michael Jordan’s stunning 14 million mansion for sale

Michael Jordan won the NBA basketball title six times with his team and just as often won the MVP award, i.e. the trophy for the most valuable player. The equally smart businessman and one of the most famous athletes of all has catapulted himself into the absolute basketball Olympus. Of course, that also earned MJ a groundbreaking fortune, so he can make it into his own Chicago mansion, which is worth $ 14 millionto let it go really well. The luxury in which the basketball icon really lived until a few years ago has only now become known. Because a drone took completely new aerial photos of Jordan’s property, which is now for sale.

Although his last NBA game was around 13 years ago, Michael Jordan’s net worth is now over $ 1 billion. In the next five years, this fortune is likely to double. So a $ 14 million estate is almost humble. One of the few problems that the basketball superstar currently has, however, is the fact that no buyer wants to be found for the villa in Chicago. Technically speaking, the property is only in a suburb of Chicago and not in the metropolis itself. MJ has been wanting to get rid of this property for two years now, but no one wants to bite into it. In November 2013, the ex-basketball player even targeted a sales price of 29 million US dollars, which should have immediately deterred many potential buyers. In the meantime, however, the tide has turned and For “only” 14 million US dollars, a Michael Jordan superfan could now secure the property.

New sales strategy for Michael Jordan’s mega-villa

In recent years, various real estate agents have been hired to sell the property – so far without success. Therefore, the current real estate agent, Kofi Nartey, had the idea that drone recordings of the property could perhaps lead to a whole new hype and later also to a sale. In addition to a huge property, 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms are waiting for the new owner. A basketball court specially made for one of the most famous basketball players of all time also beckons. The square is so big that a real NBA game could take place there without any problems. The fitness studio attached to the square also plays in a completely different league. Even the complete Chicago Bulls once trained thereso that this place has already made basketball history as well.

At the push of a button, the indoor pool is transformed into an outdoor pool so that it can be used all year round. A 110 inch TV also entertains the guests and the new owner of the villa while swimming. There are even 15 heated parking spaces in the garage of Michael Jordan’s property for sale. There is also no lack of a beauty salon and the wine cellar has space for 500 bottles of fine wines. As if this were not enough incentive for potential buyers, Kofi Nartey also promised that the buyer would receive hand-signed Air Jordans of each limited edition in their own size as a bonus. If that’s not an offer! Now you only have to bring the necessary change with you to be able to live like a real superstar soon.

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Kofi Nartey / Youtube

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