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michelle phan and dominique capraro

Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro are an on-screen couple. The couple, who are both 34, first met in Paris and remained in contact via email. They began a long-distance relationship, which eventually led to a romantic meeting in 2015. In January 2016, they reunited in Paris, where they had their first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Although the couple didn’t marry straight away, they did express their love in public.

The couple appeared to be inseparable just a few years ago, as they were frequently spotted together in videos and intimate moments. They also shot a short romantic movie together, which has now received over 2 million views. However, the two were not seen together again until 2015, when the YouTube star abruptly quit social media and stopped doing Q&As. Regardless of the reasons for their breakup, the couple’s relationship appears to be thriving and flourishing.

The couple met in Paris when Phan was on vacation in France. The two filmed several makeup tutorials together and exchanged phone numbers. They were together for about an hour, then parted. But the next day, the YouTube sensation returned to the United States. Their relationship began in 2014 and continued to grow. In 2017, they exchanged wedding vows. The two met in Los Angeles, where Phan resides.

Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro met in Paris, where they had both lived as a long-distance couple. The couple dated for about three years, but only reunited in 2014. They had their first kiss under the Eiffel Tower and decided to stay together. But they didn’t marry right away. Then, they got engaged. In August 2017, they married. The couple have been inseparable ever since.

The two met in Paris after Phan’s work. She wanted to visit a cafe in Paris that was truly “authentic Paris.” But her inability to read the French menu led her to panic, and Dominique rushed to her rescue. They have been together ever since. Their friendship is very public, and it seems that they have a lot in common. The two met in a cafe in a bar in France, where Phan had a video shoot.

A couple’s relationship is a mystery. The two started dating in 2010 and dated for two years. They shared photos and videos together, and were even spotted together in public in France. In 2015, they took a break from social media. They never left any messages, leading many to believe that they were no longer together. In 2017, Phan posted an update video on YouTube and is currently dating a man she met in Paris.

Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro met in Paris in 2012, and later met in the United States. The two met at a restaurant, where Phan asked Capraro to help her translate a French menu. After the long-distance relationship ended, they maintained contact with one another, but they didn’t get engaged right away. This was the first time the two met, and they have remained friends.

The two met in a cafe in Paris in 2010. The two women had a mutual attraction, and the two are now dating. The two have been seen in public together numerous times, and both filmed makeup tutorials. They’ve also teamed up for Q&A sessions. They’ve been together since 2010, but the relationship is still a mystery. If they’re indeed dating, it will take some time until they marry.

The relationship was a long-distance affair. The two met in Paris and had a long-distance relationship. In 2012, they moved to Los Angeles. They met again in 2016 and remained in touch. In addition to their relationship, they are also parents to a son and a daughter. In 2017, they got married. This is the perfect time for the couple to start a family.

Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro have dated since 2008. They share multiple pictures of each other on social media, but have not publicly confirmed their relationship. They are both very active in social media, but do not discuss their relationship on social media. They may have been friends for a while, but the relationship is not officially over. There are rumors on the internet that they are still inseparable.

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