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Mickie Krause: fortune of the Ballermann star

How much money does Mickie Krause have?

Mickie Krause’s song titles are definitely not to be taken seriously: You’re brown, get women, fingers in your buttocks, Mexico or Ten naked hairdressers are examples of the party sound with which he has been putting people in a good mood since 1998. The pop star from Wettlingen, who was born Michael Engels on June 21, 1970, belongs next to Jürgen Drews to Ballermann like a straw in a sangria bucket. As a schoolboy he was represented in various bands, but he made his breakthrough in 1998 with the single Anita. Mickie Krause can also be found in well-known ski resorts as a singer at après-ski parties in winter. As for all singers and artists, the corona pandemic is a great challenge, as practically all performances were canceled in 2020. So also the appearances of Krause, which were suspended due to the Corona requirements. The cherished Mickie Krause’s net worth is 10 million euros.

Mickie Krause protects his private life

Income from Mickie Krause
Not much about the private Michael Engels penetrates the public, in contrast to many of his colleagues who share their private life on all social media channels. Until recently, no one really knew about Mickie Krause, how he looks without a wig until Lukas Podolski tore it off his head at a charity football tournament. In any case, it wasn’t a bald head, as has often been speculated, but short, blonde hair.

Before he became active as a pop star, he learned the profession of youth and home educator. He was also involved with Christian scouts in his youth, which is difficult to imagine these days when you hear the lyrics of his hits. However, since one or the other alcohol is practically always involved, the text analysis is probably not that precise.

He received his first award at the tender age of 15: He became a Bravo boy of the youth magazine Bravo chosen. Although the music has accompanied him since then, he can neither read notes nor play an instrument.

Since 1999 party singer at Malle

Mickie Krause's fees
The first hit band by Mickie Krause had the sonorous name Erika Rehbein & the hit carousel. In the 90s he moved through Germany with this band. In addition, he demonstrated his show talent as a warm-up for Birte Karalus, Hans Meiser and Oliver Geissen. In the year In 1999 he ended up with Ten naked hairdressers his first hit, which not only hit Ballermann, but also in the German charts. From then on he appeared regularly in the “Riu Palace” disco on Mallorca.

His first album was released in 2003 Krause Alarm – the best party album in the world, six more albums followed. Dismissed by some as lacking in talent, loved by others – his singles like, for example Go get some beer stay in the charts for up to 14 weeks.

Gage from Mickie Krause

The likeable wettringer is never lifted off, even if the women are at his feet. In his private life, he has been happy with his chosen one, Uschi, for over 30 years. Together they have three daughters and one son. Mickie Krause performs around 180 appearances per year, and he is also a welcome guest on various TV shows (Berlin – day and night, Cologne 50667, Wetten, dass?…). Mickie Krause collects a fee of 9,200 euros per appearance.

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