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Mike Wolfe Net Worth


If you are wondering how much Mike Wolfe is worth, there are many ways to find out. You can start by looking at his real estate portfolio. In 2012, Wolfe bought a 5,100 square foot house in Franklin, Tennessee. The home features a library, four porches, a phone booth, and a fenced-in dog run. In addition, Wolfe and his wife Jodi renovated the home to add new features. These improvements include marble countertops, light fixtures, and barn doors.

Rich Personality 

Mike Wolfe has accumulated his net worth over the years through his successful show American Pickers. It has garnered millions of viewers. In addition to his lucrative television career, he runs several small businesses that are aligned with his hobby. He has endorsement agreements with various companies including Indian Motorcycles, and purchased 32 acres of land in 2012.

Passion for Motorcycles

Mike Wolfe is also a successful motorbike collector. His passion for Indian motorbikes has earned him a wealth of cash. Mike Wolfe has a passion for antique motorcycles, which explains his love for Indian motorcycles. He also started a children’s show, called Kid Pickers, in 2012. Though the show was never meant to make him rich, it has been a hit, and Mike Wolfe’s net worth is estimated at $7 million as of 2022. He also earns an estimated 500 thousand a season from his show.

Multi-talented Person

As a self-made celebrity, Mike Wolfe earned a considerable amount of money from his show American Pickers. The show has an average weekly audience of 4.7 million people. In addition to his work as an executive producer of the show, Mike Wolfe has also made numerous charity contributions to help various hospitals. Despite his high-profile career, Wolfe also devotes time to his family and is very fond of dogs. He even has a pet dog named Southern Dog.

Other Ventures 

In addition to his television career, Mike Wolfe has several other ventures. He owns a shop in LeClaire, Iowa, and a proprietary store that earns him a total of $600 thousand a year. Additionally, Mike has a collection of vintage automobiles and motorbikes. While his net worth is not high, it is still impressive, as it is not a small sum when compared to the other sources of income.


Aside from being an executive producer and host of the popular reality show American Pickers, Mike Wolfe’s income from it is substantial. According to the Celebrity Net Worth Reporter, he earns about $500,000 per season. Fritz, meanwhile, earns about $300,000.

 A Social Worker

Apart from his successful business career, Mike Wolfe is also a social worker. He is a member of charitable foundations and a professional picker for 20 years. Additionally, he has appeared on numerous TV shows and is currently valued at $11.2 million. It is difficult to estimate how much Mike Wolfe’s net worth is, however, without knowing more about his personal life. And while he has an impressive net worth, he’s also a married man.

Two Luxurious Houses

Besides owning commercial properties, Mike also owns two houses. One of them is in Tennessee. Mike bought it for $200,000 under his business LLC, and he used it to open his first store, Antique Archaeology. The second home, located in North Carolina, costs him $23,000 a month. It’s important to note that Mike and Jodi will split their net worth equally in June 2020.

Family and struggles

Wolfe’s family is extremely close to his heart. His mother, Rita, raised Mike and his two brothers. He started picking at an early age, taking old bicycles from the trash of a neighbor. Later, he began checking abandoned houses and back streets in hopes of finding vintage goods to sell. He met his future business partner Frank Fritz during his high school years. These two are now regarded as his closest friends.

Married Life 

Wolfe is married to Jodi, his wife of 10 years. They share several memories. Their daughter, Charlie Faeth Wolfe, was born in 1999. The couple married in 2012; they had met in high school in 1994. Their marriage was unceremonious, but their daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe was born before they got married. Mike Wolfe’s net worth is estimated to reach $7 million by 2022. He has also traveled to several different countries.


The real Mike Wolfe net worth is estimated at $7 million. He started picking up antiques as a child and has continued to collect them as an adult. He also has a passion for vintage bicycles and founded the Village Bike Shop in Iowa. Since 2000, he’s also been working on his antiques business, Antique Archeology, in Le Claire, Iowa. In 2011, he opened a second store in Nashville. In 2016, he began selling Restorations lighting at his Nashville location.

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