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Mina Settembre Anticipations 14 February Episode 11 and 12

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Mina Settembre Anticipations 14 February Episode 11 and 12

Mina Settembre, real name Gelsomina Settembre, is an Italian TV series starring Serena Rossi aired from Sunday 11 January until Sunday 14 February: the series, based on the stories of Maurizio De Giovanni, deals with a Psychologist, Mina, who works in the clinic and who finds herself managing a separation from her husband, a new love, a hypochondriac mother and many social situations to deal with in her work.

Advances Mina September 14 February

Mina September season finale: the last two episodes number 11 and 12 are entitled Little Big Lies And My brother is not an only child. Mina continues to investigate her father finally discovers a shocking truth that will change her life. The story in the episode instead is about Mina’s mother who suddenly seems to have disappeared. Mina investigates together with Tweety and also in this case discovers many unexpected things from the woman’s past. Mina is inevitably led to reconsider the relationship with her too.

Mina finds Claudio’s support in her research, which brings the couple closer and closer. Domenico, on the other hand, surprisingly changes his job and leaves the clinic, Mina is very disappointed and this marks an inevitable further misunderstanding that distances the two.

Plot Mina September Nine and Ten Episode 7 February

Land episodes broadcast on February 7 are entitled “Life is a Bite ”and“ A Bad Day. In the first episode, Life is a bite, Mina finds herself having to face the case of a man who wants to go to a friend’s funeral but nevertheless finds himself under house arrest. The relationship with Domenico he is more relaxed and a little serenity returns between the two. Claudio is also the protagonist of this episode: Mina will try to forgive him.

In the second episode, one bad day, Mina accidentally gets hold of her friend Irene’s diary. Irene’s rush to get her back and other situations they make Mina think that there is something written in those pages that could upset her deep inside. Meanwhile in the clinic Domenico is about to experience a really bad day: a woman turns to Mina saying that the gynecologist Domenico abused her. The man, wounded by the stigma, takes a break from work to reflect on whether that really is the right place for him. Mina instead decides to investigate the situation and go through with it.

Mina and Domenico Mina Settembre

Advances Mina September Sixth Episode 14 February

The advances provided by the network are not yet available.

Summary Mina September 31 January Fourth Episode

There January 31 episode of Mina Settembre they are entitled “To love is to fight”. And “Loneliness”. In the fourth episode of the series Mina and Domenico known as Mimmo have an increasingly complicated sentimental situation: the two float between closeness and the imposition of estrangement. The case of the first episode is about the goalkeeper of the building Rudy trying to help a 11 year old Moroccan boy che has lost his family and that his grandparents would like to return to his hometown. The second case instead concerns a woman who has as a problem the serial accumulation of objects and who in fact finds herself buried at home with a risk of eviction. As a social worker, Mina seeks help from a neighbor called “General” who is not on good terms with Olga.

Summary Mina Settembre Third episode 24th January

Domenico after the kiss with Mina and their approach, Domenico the gynecologist at the clinic wants to talk about the situation with yours comrade Piera. However, the woman is working in Africa and Domenico is unable to speak to her. The situation with Mina is therefore blocked: the woman in fact doesn’t want to date a busy man but Domenico, who would like to be sincere, fails because of Piera’s distance. During the episode Mina softens towards Domenico but there is a twist that is about to arrive. In fact, Mina is investigating her late father’s lover, and Domenico also actively helps her by strengthening the bond between the two. The case of the episode instead concerns a homeless man who is throwing his life away after an accident that resulted in the death of his family. Mina and Domenico they are discovered by Piera in bed together.

Mina Settembre Kiss Domenico

Summary Second Episode Mina Settembre

In the second episode there is a first encounter between Mina and the gynecologist Domenico. The case of the day is a man who tries to commit suicide and who is saved thanks to their intervention on the cornice of a building. After helping the would-be suicide by finding him a job as a skipper, Mina and Domenico spend the evening on the boat. In this situation there is a first kiss between them which determines the whole succession of history since Domenico has a partner.

Summary First Episode Mina Settembre

In the first episode we know the character of Mina Settembre, played by Serena Rossi. Mina works in a clinic where she meets many people and is faced with many delicate situations. Mina separated from her husband Claudio (who works as a magistrate) who cheated on her with the showgirl Susy Rastelli, and for this reason she first goes to live with her friend and then returns to her mother’s house. Mina’s mother is the protagonist with her daughter of a relationship made of ups and downs and undermined by the recent death of her father Vittorio, which took place a year before Mina’s separation. At work at the clinic, Mina meets Domenico, a gynecologist and together they tackle the case of Nanninella: the girl is the mother of a son held hostage by the local boss. To resolve the situation, Mina finds herself once again working with her husband Claudio who, as a magistrate, is interested in the case. Claudio tries to win back Mina.

Mina September


  • Serena Rossi Mina Settembre is a strong and sensitive woman: after the death of her father she leaves her job as a psychologist to work in the clinic in the city of Naples. Here he is faced with extreme and socially difficult situations. The death of her father and the subsequent separation from her husband Giorgio who betrayed her bring great changes in her life and a new love, named Domenico.
  • Giorgio Pasotti Claudio is the husband of Mina Settembre. Due to a betrayal, the two separate but Claudio regrets his actions and tries in every way to win back Mina.
  • Giuseppe Zeno Domenico, the gynecologist of the clinic who knows Mina already in the first episode of the TV series. Domenico has been engaged for many years to Piera who however works in Africa. He falls in love with Mina, between the two begins a relationship that will have to deal with the return of Piera. Domenico’s character is strong and sunny, nice and honest.
  • Christiane Filangieri Christiane plays Irene, Mina’s best friend since school and is also her collaborator in employment matters being a lawyer. Irene hides a great secret, which will be the cause of great upheavals in the relationships between the characters and in everyone’s life
  • Marina Confalone Olga, Mina’s mother, a person in one piece, with a sharp tongue, who forced her body to live in a wheelchair despite having no full-blown pathology. She is always ready to criticize Mina, her choices and her way of being.


  • Mina September First episode: Sunday 17 January 2021
  • Mina September Second episode: Monday 18 January 2021
  • Mina September Third episode: Sunday 24 January 2021
  • Mina September Fourth episode: Sunday 31 January 2021
  • Mina September Fifth episode: Sunday 7 February 2021
  • Mina September Sixth episode: Sunday 14 February 2021


The episode already aired by Mina Settembre are available in Streaming on Mediaset Play

Location Mina September

  • Gulf of Naples, seen from the Montesanto funicular
    Mina Settembre takes the funicular that connects the homer with the lower part of the city every day to go to work.
  • Via Doria d’antri where the Parthenope University is located.
  • Port of Margellina
  • Castel Dell’Ovo
  • Borgo Marinari
  • Circolo Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia ASD
  • Galleria Borbonia (cave under the city)
  • San Ferdinando district
  • San Felice Palace
  • Palace of the Spanish
  • Health District
  • Federico II University
  • Ascalesi Hospital
  • Via Toledo subway


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