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Morgan Freeman: The Oscar-winning Net Worth

How rich is Morgan Freeman?

With an Oscar winner of this caliber, it should come as no surprise that Morgan Freeman has already amassed a considerable fortune. This madness has ensured that Morgan Freeman could already allow himself to fulfill one wish or the other. After all, he is not only in possession of a private pilot license. Rather, the Hollywood star also has the right aircraft, including a Cessna Citation 501 SP, a Cessna 414 and an Emivest Aerospace SJ30 aircraft. The cherished Morgan Freeman net worth € 210 million.

Honourings and prices

Merit of Morgan Freeman
In the past, he has also used his fortune to take a political stance. In July 2012 he donated one million US dollars. This money went to a lobby group called Super-PAC “Priorities USA Action”. This group has campaigned for the re-election of Barack Obama. When asked why he had donated so much money, Freeman announced that he wanted to recognize Obama’s extraordinary work in a historically rather difficult time. Most of all, Morgan Freeman is known around the world as one of the most high-profile character actors in Hollywood.

He has also received several awards for his acting. The American received the award for his life’s work, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, in 2017. Despite his multiple nominations, the star was only able to take home an Oscar. He received this in 2005 in the “Best Supporting Actor” category for the film “Million Dollar Baby”.

The life of a successful actor

Before the actor’s breakthrough came, Morgan Freeman lived a rather simple life. He couldn’t afford to go to a full-fledged university. So he went to a community college. In 1955 he signed up for the US Air Force, which he then served as a loyal mechanic for four years. His stage debut took place in the early 1960s. Morgan Freeman appeared on stage for the first time in the famous Pasadena Playhouse in the play “The Niggerlovers”. It would be a while before he made it onto a national TV show called “The Electric Company”, namely until 1971.

Morgan Freeman income
The star’s career really got going in the 1980s. He received four Obie Awards and was nominated for a Tony for the musical “The Mighty Gents”, in which he was seen on Broadway. His first Oscar nomination was in 1987 for a film called “Glitzernder Asphalt”. Internationally, the American finally became a star in 1989. That was what he had in his role in “Miss Daisy and her chauffeur“Thanks to which he was also nominated for an Oscar for this film, which he was not allowed to take home in the end.

With many films to a difficult fortune

Since then, the list of films in which Morgan Freeman has played a leading role has grown steadily. From “Seven” to “Bruce Almighty” and “Hawaii Crime Story” to “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Dark Knight”, cinema audiences around the world now know the star all too well. In “The LEGO Movie”, the charismatic actor with his unmistakable voice has already appeared as a voice actor for the character “Vitruvius”. In German there have so far been four speakers who were allowed to give the “German” Morgan Freeman their voice: Klaus Sonnenschein, Jürgen Kluckert, Reinhard Bock and Helmut Krauss. The list of films in which Morgan Freeman has starred is incredibly long. In 2018 he had a role in “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”. We are curious to see in which films we will see the actor.

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