Mountaineer Nims Purja Net Worth


If you’ve ever been a fan of mountaineering, you might be interested in knowing how much money Nims Purja has. The mountaineer is married to suchi Purja and is worth approximately $1.5 million. He has a number of records to his name, including the fastest ascent of the 148,000 meter mountain, Mount Everest. His net worth is estimated to increase to $1.5 million by the year 2022.


As a member of the Gurkhas, Nims Purja is 37 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inches tall, and weighs seventy kilograms. He is black-haired and has a black-and-brown-eye color. Nims Purja is a sports enthusiast and enjoys climbing. His career started as a British Gurkha, but after his service, he developed a love for mountain climbing. He even made his first mountain climb in 2012.

Top in the List of Mountain Climbers

The explorer’s military career and mountaineering have earned him a lot of money. He is currently ranked number five on the list of highest mountain climbers in the world. Nims Purja has also climbed Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen. His record-breaking feat has led him to star in movies, write books, and own a mountaineering enterprise. His net worth has also been boosted by his role as a brand ambassador for many brands.

Net Worth

Amount of money Nims Purja has earned from his mountaineering career is unknown. His net worth has grown over the years, and his net worth is estimated at approximately $1 million. The mountaineer was born in the town of Myagdi in the Gandaki Province of Nepal in 1983. His achievements as a mountaineer include climbing all fourteen of the seven ‘eight-thousanders’ in six months.

Social Media Accounts 

As an actor, Nirmal Purja has built a strong network of followers through his YouTube channel and social media accounts. His social media presence has made him a social media star. He regularly posts personal photos and videos on his accounts, and engages in dialogue with his followers. It’s difficult to estimate his net worth without knowing his sources of income. He does not disclose his income, but he has earned enough to live comfortably in the United States.

Life Partner

Nims Purja is married to Suchi Purja. They have a daughter together named Suchi. The couple grew up in Nepal. They met at a party and married in 2006. Suchi is a British national and is Nims’ co-manager. Nims has two companies that help mountaineers. He also has two other businesses with which he is involved. In addition to his own businesses, Nims Purja is involved in charitable activities.

Nims Purja Enterprise

In addition to his professional achievements, Purja also owns a company named after him, Nims Purja Enterprise, which provides exclusive deals for mountaineers. He also serves as a brand ambassador for Bremont Project Impossible. His popularity has made him a sought after face for numerous companies. His success in the professional world will only continue to increase. In the meantime, Nims Purja is likely to continue to set records and scale new peaks.

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