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Mr Wrong Advances: June 25th and June 28th – Ozgur Leaves Egzi

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Mr Wrong Advances: June 25th and June 28th - Ozgur Leaves Egzi

Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love: Advances for June 25 and June 28 on channel 5, with the summary corresponding to the second Turkish episode (total 14 episodes) of Mr Wrong! Ezgi and Ozgur grappling with their deal: Can Yaman as Mr Wrong is the classic rascal who loves to be free and rejects commitments. Egzi (played by Ozge Gurel) wants getting married and having children, this desire leads her to always meet the wrong man!

ADVANCES Mr Wrong June 25th

While Ozgur and Ezgi are located on Belvedere e they are kissing they get a call from the doorman who warns them that their mothers they are arguing and they must intervene immediately.

In fact, the two mothers who met on the common terrace due to the fire alarm are arguing. Ozgur’s mom accuses Ezgi of wanting to take advantage of Ozgur’s financial situation while Ezgi’s mom retorts that the real profiteer is Ozgur and that her daughter is dating a doctor.

Ozgur and Ezgi arrive who try to separate them and failing to do so Ozgur carries away both mother and aunt while Ezgi pushes his mother to go back to his apartment.

Meanwhile Ozan and Deniz are walking and she, who has a much gentler attitude towards Ozan, she tells him that she is surprised that he remembers her dog’s name whereupon he tells her to remember many things about her. (6.30). Then after having eaten the mussels together on the seafront he takes her back home and at the time of saying goodbye both are very sad to have to leave.

At Ozgur’s home, his mother and aunt they speak ill of Ezgi, blaming her for everything, to which he exasperatedly says that he is the only one to blame for the situation, they get angry with him, but then continue to blame Ezgi. Ezgi’s mom is also angry and forces her to quit her job otherwise she’ll bring her home.

Ezgi and Ozgur kiss in the pool

Ezgi and Ozgur kiss in the pool

It’s night and Ozgur, after making sure that both his mother and aunt are sleeping soundly, he meets Ezgi on the terrace and tells her that he has confessed everything to his mother and that now they can finally start their life together. Ezgi tells him it will be difficult because the mother is very angry because he is afraid that she will fall in love with him, Ozgur, after asking her if this is possible, embraces her and throws himself into the pool with her. While in the water they are flirting Ezgi’s mother arrives, awakened by the noises and Ozgur hides under the water, then as Ezgi distracts her he runs away.

ADVANCES Mr Wrong June 28th

When he returns home Ozgur finds that the aunt has woken up and looks at him puzzled, he justifies himself by saying that he felt hot and had thrown himself into the pool dressed, but she, suspicious, looks out onto the terrace and sees that Ezgi also has wet clothes.

The next morning Ezgi, while in the car with Ozgur she tells him that her mother is looking for a new apartment for her and that she has imposed on her to leave work. He replies that to do so he must give a month’s notice during which they will try to resolve the situation.

Arriving at the restaurant, Ozgur goes to talk to his lawyer who is waiting for him and who tells him that they must urgently open the other restaurant because the delay is causing great economic losses. Ozgur then tells him that he is waiting for the permits which are delayed.

Ezgi’s mother meets with Serdar che thanks her for inviting him to Ezgi’s birthday, but then when she tells him it will be a simple thing because he didn’t have time to organize, he offers to prepare an unforgettable party for Ezgi, Nevim accepts satisfied and more and more convinced that he is the right man for her daughter.

Nevim goes to Ezgi’s restaurant and tells her that the next day they will go to look at some apartments and that they will celebrate together in the evening. birthday and that everything is already organized without talking to her about the role that Serdar will have. To which Ezgi, although disappointed because she would like to spend her birthday with Ozgur, must accept. Ozgur arrives who apologizes to Nevim for the offenses his mother has done to her, she very coldly tells him that Ezgi will move house and the two of them will move away permanently.

Ozgur’s mom and aunt go to the restaurant and meet Ozgur in the company of Ezgi and report that Nevim said she is having an affair with a doctor and they accuse her, Ezgi denies and upset walks away. Ozgur then after having reprimanded them for the accusations to Ezgi reveals that the two of them are having an affair, the mother does not resign and accuses Ezgi of betraying him, Ozgur impatiently closes the conversation. Then Ozgur goes to Ezgi and asks her if it is true that she has an affair with the doctor, she strongly denies saying that if it were true she would not be with him and reassures him. Then Ozgur, who is organizing a surprise for her birthday, tells her that the next day there will be a concert at the club and asks her to go, Ezgi, not knowing the plans of his mother and Serdar, tells him that he will have dinner with the mother and then will join him.

Ezgi and Ozgur think about how to solve the problem with their respective mothers

Ezgi and Ozgur think about how to solve the problem with their respective mothers

Meanwhile Nevim is on the terrace with Unal and talks to him about Serdar, then seeing that Ozgur’s mother has arrived nearby he starts talking loudly on the phone to be heard and says than Ezgi’s boyfriend he has prepared a beautiful birthday party for her and that they will soon get married, thus confirming the suspicions of Ozgur’s mother.

Ozgur and Ezgi go home together and before leaving the door he recommends that she go to the Cage the next day after having dinner with her mother and she reassures him.

The next morning Ezgi is happy because he understood that Ozgur is preparing a surprise for her For the birthday. Her mother reminds her of dinner for that night and she tells her it will be there, but at ten she will have to go back to the restaurant to work. Then she meets Ozgur and when he asks her if she will go that evening, she confirms that there are no impediments and that she will join him at the Cage.

Deniz goes to the Cage and tells Ozgur that the license for the new venue was denied without a reason. The thing is strange because all the documents are in order, then it is clear that someone is preventing it on purpose. Ozgur calls his lawyer and instructs him to find out who is hindering him, both he and Ozan are worried because they need to open as soon as possible the new office where they have made large investments.

After Ezgi leaves to go to dinner, Ozgur goes to check if the surprise who organized them is ready, it is a romantic dinner that he had set up in the Belvedere where they kissed for the first time. Here he receives a call from his lawyer who informs him that Tolga Gyurdal was the one who blocked his license. To which he tells him to inquire where he can find him.

Even at the restaurant chosen by Serdar is all ready for the party and when Ezgi arrives and is welcomed by many people, she is very perplexed as she knew about a family dinner. The happy mother tells her that Serdar organized everything.

Meanwhile, Ozgur goes to see Tolga which is located right in the restaurant where the party for Ezgi takes place. Ozgur arrives just as Serdar gives Ezgi a precious necklace and puts it around his neck. Then Serdar, who sees him, sneaks up on Ezgi and taunts him by telling him that he and Ezgi are together, at which Ozgur asks him if Ezgi knows. Serdar replies that if she didn’t know he wouldn’t be there and that she chose him after seeing that he is the wrong man. Ozgur punches him and leaves.

Ozgur against Serdar before punching him

Ozgur against Serdar just before throwing a punch at him

Ezgi quarrels with her friends because they have allowed Serdar to organize the party for her and have not told her anything. Then angrily she gives the necklace back to Serdar and leaves.

Ezgi immediately goes to the Cage and joins Ozgur that he is angry with her, but does not tell her that he saw her at the party with Serdar. He tells her that what happened between them is not love and puts an end to their story. Then he tells her to quit her job and since she will move house they will never see each other again. Shocked Ezgi remains speechless and walks away with tears in her eyes as he watches her from afar.

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