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Actress Nancy Carmell was married to Stephen Belafonte in 1997. The couple had a long-term relationship. Their marriage ended in divorce after only two years. The couple have no children. The actress has not appeared much in the media since the breakup. The actress had previously filed for a divorce from her third wife, Mel B, but her appeal was rejected. She is no longer married to the actor.

Nancy Carmell was married to actor Stephen Belafonte in 1997, but their relationship soon deteriorated. She allegedly suffered physical and emotional abuse from the actor, forcing her to have sex with other women. She was forced to undergo three unsuccessful suicide attempts before finally deciding to file for an annulment. After the divorce, Nancy Carmell moved to Honolulu. Then she returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and applied for a divorce.

Stephen Belafonte is an actor who rose to fame with the film “Shallow” and is currently appearing in the Netflix series Stranger Things. He is married to actress Jennifer Lawrence. They have a daughter together and are currently living in Hollywood. After their divorce, Nancy Carmell went on to marry Mel B, an aspiring model. Despite their rocky marriage, the two remain friends. However, this relationship did not last long.

Stephen Belafonte is an actor. His marriage to Nancy Carmell lasted for about two months before the divorce, but Nancy Carmell denied the allegations. They divorced after two months. She has been married to Stephen Belafonte several times. Their relationship has been rocky. Both had two kids. Their children are now adults, but there is no evidence proving their divorce. This is a sad story, but the truth is that she had many relationships.

Stephen Belafonte has been married to Nancy Carmell since 1997. The couple is no longer together. After their divorce, she relocated to Honolulu and filed for an annulment. Her lawyer called the marriage invalid. In 2006, she pleaded no contest to the charge of battery against him. After a long separation, she remarried a bikini model. It was discovered that Belafonte had a daughter with Ini Edo in 1999.

After the split, Nancy Carmell remarried Stephen Belafonte. After the divorce, she dated a bikini model and went on to have a daughter named Madison. Both women are divorced and remarried, but Stephen was previously married to other women. He was also married to a former Spice Girls singer, Mel B. They divorced in 1997 and have a child together.

Although Nancy Carmell divorced Stephen Belafonte in 1997, they were still a couple. She was a mother of four and father of three. The two had a daughter, Giselle Belafonte, from their second marriage. The couple also had two children together: Neil and Stephen Belafonte had a daughter, Giselle. Their three children were born in different relationships.

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