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Nancy Weinberger, 63, passed away peacefully in her home on February 10, 2017. She was born and raised in Hinsdale, Illinois, and was educated at Bemidji State University. She married Mike, her husband of 37 years, while working at Delta and Northwest Airlines. She also worked at Zimmer-Madich Advertising Agency for several years. She loved music and shared it with others as Youth Bell Choir Director at St. Andrew Church. Her generous and caring nature touched many lives.

In addition to teaching art and history at Pierce Public Schools, Nancy also published journal articles and published a memoir. She was a dedicated artist, and her work was influenced by the artistic movement. Her acclaimed art pieces are displayed in the Fiendish Plots gallery in Kearney, as well as at other galleries and museums. There are also memorials in her honor. If you’d like to know more about Nancy Weinberger, we recommend you check out her website.

The artist Nancy Weinberger was born in the Czech Republic in 1913. She lived in Kearney for the last few years of her life. Her work has won awards, including the National Medal of Arts. She is survived by three dogs. The artist created beauty in her life. She inspired her students and taught them the value of hard work. We miss her. Her legacy will live on. Our hearts go out to her family.

Nancy Weinberger lived a full life. She had three children and taught art at Pierce Public Schools for nearly thirty years. She was the first woman to become a certified art teacher in America. She was known for her work, and her passion for art and history is well-known. A life well spent in the pursuit of beauty will be missed by all. It’s an amazing thing to be loved. There’s no place like home, and Nancy Weinberger lived it.

The deceased was a history and art teacher. She taught at Pierce Public Schools and also worked as a teacher in other schools. Despite her tragic circumstances, she created beauty in her life. It was a joy to work with her. She was a remarkable and admired woman. In addition to her many publications, she also was an active member of the local art community. In addition to her book, she wrote journal articles and received numerous awards.

The art and history teacher Nancy Weinberger had many fans. She was known for her unique style and her love for animals. Her art pieces were often inspired by her love of nature. In addition, she was a dedicated supporter of the Pierce Public Schools. She also enjoyed playing golf and running. She also loved to paint. She is survived by three dogs. She was a true artist, and she had a beautiful life.

In addition to her art, Nancy Weinberger wrote journal articles and was a talented writer. Her works are known around the world. Besides her books, she was an excellent historian and was an outstanding teacher. She also had a huge passion for teaching. Her work will be missed by many. A woman’s passion for art is contagious, and she adored beauty. If you know someone who has a creative mind, you’ll be able to appreciate her work in a new way.

Nancy Weinberger was born in 1913 in the Czech Republic. She was 27 years old at the time of her death. Her passion for art was teaching. She loved art and was a great artist. She had a knack for painting and she exhibited her paintings in several galleries. She also taught at a school in Rye, New York. It was an honor to learn more about this accomplished and beloved educator. There are many other people who have benefited from Nancy’s work and she is one of them.

Despite her busy life, Nancy Weinberger had a great impact on the world through her art. She was a great artist, with a unique perspective and a love for all things beautiful. Whether you loved art or painting, she was always creating beauty in her life. She was a wonderful teacher. She has a great legacy in her community. There are many reasons to remember a person. She was an important part of our community.

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