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Neymar net worth and salary at PSG

How much money does Neymar have?

Without a doubt, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is one of them top paid South American soccer player of the world. The The total wealth of the Neymar family is estimated at around 160 million euros and – as Neymar is still at the beginning of his career – will probably grow significantly in the following years. We deliberately write family, as his father received around 43 million euros through the transfer from FC Santos to Barcelona. Since a transfer to PSG took place for an astronomical transfer fee of 222 million euros, the father was able to earn a lot of money from the transfer of the son (21.4 million euros).

Former salary at FC Barcelona

Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Neymar
the Salary of Neymar Jr. was at FC Barcelona with 16.2 million euros / season quantified, net mind you, however, there are also considerable sums of bonuses. But that put him behind Barca’s top earner Lionel Messi.

The superstar has provisionally extended his contract until 2021. The transfer fee stipulated therein amounts to EUR 200 million in the first year (2017), EUR 222 million in the second year (2018) and EUR 250 million in the following three years 2019-2021. So if you wanted to tear the Brazilian away from FC Barcelona, ​​you had to dig deep into your pocket. PSG President Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaifi was ready to provide such a transfer fee. He actually brought the Brazilian to Paris at the start of the 2017/18 season. This makes it by far the most expensive transfer in the world. However, Barcelona announced in 2019 that they wanted to bring the superstar back and would probably sacrifice some stars to PSG. The deal, however, bursts because of the money.

Neymar’s salary at Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar earns an unbelievable annual salary of 37 million euros in his first contract with Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, there were bonuses that allowed him to further improve his salary. In addition, the young Brazilian is a sought-after advertising face for global brands that have to dig deep into their pockets for their services. After an early contract extension in May 2021 to summer 2025, Neymar “only” receives an annual salary of 36 million euros. Losses that he accepts due to the corona pandemic. The bonuses are said to have been increased again properly. For example: 10 million euros for a Champions League victory. Further payments are supposed to be processed externally through investments in hotel chains.

Neymar’s background

Neymar PSG Salary
Born on February 5, 1992 in the Brazilian city of Magi das Cruzes, Neymar showed a strong affinity for football very early on in his life. At the age of eleven, he was already playing very successfully for FC Santos. Since this was a large football club in which successful football players in the various youth teams could play their way up to the professional A-team, Neymar also benefited from this opportunity. Even in his youth, he impressed his coaches and teammates with his talent. Since he was noticed by the coach of the professional team as an outstanding striker, he was quickly accepted into the club’s professional squad in 2009. During the first season for the professional team of FC Santos, Neymar was repeatedly referred to in the press as wonder child designated.

Although Neymar was supposed to play for his first club for a total of ten years, he was also noticed very early in Europe. In 2006 he was allowed to take part in a training camp run by the Spanish club Real Madrid. This led to a rapid increase in its market value, as the Spaniards promptly tried to poach the young football star and use it for their own professional squad. Nevertheless, at the end of 2013, Neymar should finally decide to move to Europe, but not to Real Madrid, but to FC Barcelona.

Neymar also plays for the Brazilian national team. The World Cup in South Africa (2010) was the first in which Neymar participated as an 18+ player. Again, he was able to score a goal. He also played at the Olympic Games (London), the Copa America 2011 and the Confederation Cup.

The actual transfer fee for Neymar (FC Barcelona)

Neymar salary at FC Barcelona
Up to this point in time he was able to point to considerable success statistics: of 103 league games he scored 54 goals for the Brazilian club – a fantastic rate of 0.5 goals per game. These success statistics made the Spaniards dearly because the club 86 million euros transfer fee had to pay to sign Neymar. However, this transfer is highly controversial and is currently being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office. The question that the Spanish hacienda (tax office) asks is: What was the actual transfer fee? This is a tax-relevant question for the Hacienda. The club originally stated only 57 million euros, as the difference was a salary payment.

The Hacienda, however, assumes that the actual Transfer fee almost 100 million euros fraud. Meanwhile, the Madrid sports daily Marca has revealed that with all the fines, a total of 157 million euros flowed into the Neymar transfer. Never before has such a high transfer fee been paid to a football player. The most expensive official transfer is still Paul Pogba (105 million euros) ahead of Gareth Bale (101 million euros) followed by Cristiano Ronaldo (97 million euros) up to the transfer from Neymar to PSG.

  • 17.1 million (Santos FC)
  • 4.5 million euros (friendly matches with FC Santos)
  • 7.9 million (right of first refusal for three FC Santos players)
  • 10 million (bonus money for Neymar)
  • 40 million (payments to Neymar’s parents)
  • 13.5 million (payment to the tax office)
  • 2 million euros (bonus for Neymar)
  • 8.5 million (payment to the Neymar Jr. Foundation)
  • 2.7 million (consultant commission to the father)
  • 25.2 million euros (penalty ex-President Rosell)
  • 3.8 million euros (fine by President Bartomeu)
  • 22.2 million euros (another penalty FC Barcelona)

Punishments and imminent imprisonment

The change will not remain without consequences, however, because the public prosecutor’s office is now investigating. There is a threat Up to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 10 million euros. However, if you look at the past, it quickly becomes clear that such a superstar from FC Barcelona does not have to go to jail and usually gets away with fines. But Neymar’s family, who have benefited enormously from the deal, are also in the crossfire. The father and mother are also to be charged and will go to prison for up to 2 years, but here too a verdict remains to be awaited. It could look worse for the former club boss of Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, because he wants to be locked away for a total of 5 years.

His possession

Neymar fortune
Neymar wants to enjoy his wealth, which is unusually high for his age, to the full. He owns a luxury yacht that he bought for about $ 8 million. However, according to Business Insider, this yacht also costs an impressive 120,000 US dollars a year to maintain. With such a high purchase price, however, these are just peanuts.

He is also not averse to the automobile. He owns several noble and high-priced vehicles: These include, according to Business Insider Porsche Panamera Turbo, one Volvo XC 60 as well as one Audi R8 GT. In fact, however, the player has also been seen in numerous other vehicles and it can be assumed that his vehicle collection includes other models and that their composition is constantly changing. According to the official website of FC Barcelona, ​​the player treated himself to a new Lamborghini on the occasion of his birthday this year.

Anyone who has seen Neymar away from the football field also knows his expensive love for jewelry. These usually include quite expensive earrings, because they are set with numerous diamonds, and a gold watch.

In Sao Paolo, Neymar owns various condominiumswhich together are worth about $ 3 million. However, it is not known whether Neymar rented or bought the luxury villa in Barcelona. When soccer players change clubs, it is often the case that they first rent an apartment or a house to test the location (and the new club) before deciding to buy a property. Neymar could do the same. However, since Neymar is still regularly visiting his family in Brazil, it cannot be assumed that he will sell all of his properties in Sao Paola.

Promotional deals

The Brazilian is currently promoting the Italian brand Police, just like other celebrities such as George Clooney, Bruce Willis or David Beckham. How much he made from the deal is not known.

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