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Nico Santos: fortune of the singer

How much money does Nico Santos have?

Nico Santos’ real name is Nico Wellenbrink and is the son of advertising icon Egon Wellenbrink, known as the Melitta man, and his wife Lisa. Nico works as a singer and music producer. As with many now well-known acts, his career began on YouTube. In addition to his own songs, he also produced for Lena Meyer-Landrut, Helene Fischer and Bushido. Santos has appeared in front of the camera several times as an actor. The cherished Nico Santos net worth is € 4 million.

Born in a family of musicians

Income from Nico Santos
Nico Santos was born on January 7, 1993 in Bremen. Shortly after his birth, his parents emigrated with him to the sunny island of Mallorca, where he spent his childhood and youth. Since his parents were active in bands themselves, he could always count on their support. At the age of five, Nico sniffed studio air and recorded a children’s radio play with his sister.

Piano, dance and singing lessons were added just a year later. Already during the school days Nico worked as an entertainer in hotel clubs on Mallorca. His father Egon also gave him several appearances at Spanish festivals. He also uploaded his own compositions and covers to YouTube. After graduating from high school, he returned to Germany to study audio engineering in Cologne.

Surprise hit on YouTube

While he was performing for ProSieben in Germany with Max Mutzke, Aura Dione and Robyn, his own song went through the roof on YouTube. Eres Perfecta was clicked several hundred thousand times in a very short time.

In 2012 he founded a duo with the American rapper KY, which they then broke up in 2013. He released the song with house music producer B-Case Lucky L, which was one of his first great successes. The song made it to number six in the international DJ charts. The song Holding On the collaboration with the Swiss DJ Mr. Da-Nos became the Title song of the German film 3 turks and a baby. With this, Nico Santos also made it into the Swiss single charts.

Also about the film Fack Ju Göhte 2 In 2015 he delivered two songs he sung himself. Here comes the sun and It’s gonna be alright recorded the most frequent downloads.

Chart positions with house hits

Fortune of Nico Santos
Another hit he got was the single Home book, which was created together with Topic and was represented in the charts in Germany, Australia and Austria. International success was on Santo’s side. Furthermore, the first single from his own album with the title developed Rooftop to a commercial success. The duet Better with Lena Meyer-Landrut stayed in the German single charts for a full 26 weeks. The hits continued to add to Santos’ fortune.

Great success from Nico Santos

In 2016, Nico Santos became more widely known through the official EM hit We are tallwhich he produced together with Mark Forster. Appeared in 2018 Streets of Gold, the first solo album by Nico Santos. It was in the top 25 for three weeks. With the collaboration album Berlin lives 2 from Capital Bra and Samra, Nico Santos lent the song Purple Rain his voice as a singer.

Nico has been on TV since ninth season at The Voice of Germany to see among others at the side of Mark Forster and Sarah Connor (from season 11). The next engagement for the station VOX followed in 2020 Sing my song – the swap concert.

In his private life, Nico Santos learned his lessons from his father Egon’s financial problems. He had always spent the earned money just as quickly, so that the family even lost the house on Mallorca. Nico Santos claims to own no “incredibly expensive apartment” and no car. Although he has amassed a good fortune, he lives modestly.

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