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Nicole Curtis is an American television personality known for her show “Rehab Addict”. She has become well known for her passion for rehabbing old houses. She also has an older son named Harper. In 2009, she appeared on a reality show about addicts, which has resulted in her arrest. The city of Roseville has since escorted her out of the meeting. The episode was filmed on a helicopter.

The star of HGTV’s Rehab Addict was arrested for exposing herself during a city council meeting. Her arrest and subsequent expulsion were in response to a report that alleged that she had been teasing the audience and the public. She was later escorted out of the meeting and reprimanded by police. The show’s producers later said that Curtis had tattooed her feet but was unable to say for certain.

Nicole Curtis is a single mother who was previously married. She was a college sweetheart and became pregnant by Steve lane. The couple split up after a short court battle regarding custody of their baby. She has a son, Harper, and is currently engaged to a former high-school sweetheart, Steve lane. The former couple has a son together, whose name is Harper.

While Curtis was in Houston, Texas over the weekend, she was in the spotlight again. She was raising money for the mansion rehabilitation center by wearing a pink dress with a red ribbon on her toes. Her Instagram page has more than one million followers and 26 thousand fans. In fact, she has even been spotted at a football game with her son, and she was a part of it.

Nicole Curtis’ feet are not always visible, but they are still pretty. The actress is known for her tattoos on her body, including her feet. Her tattoos are one of her most notable features, and her love for restoring old homes has earned her a celebrity status. While she isn’t as famous as her brother Ryan, she does have a fan following of her own. She is one of the most popular people on social media and is widely respected.

She’s a former rehab addict on her TV show. Her passion for rehab was so strong that she had to undergo rehabilitation herself. The show was a huge hit, and she has over a million fans on her social media pages. Despite the fact that she’s had a rough past, her feet are still beautiful. Regardless of the type of tattoo, Nicole Curtis’ feet are very noticeable.

Aside from being a successful television personality, Nicole Curtis’ feet are also unique. She has tattoos on her feet, but a majority of them are black. Her hair, however, is white, and her tattoos are pink. She’s been married to a former college sweetheart, Steve lane, and they have a child together. But he’s not the focus of the show, and she is not in the spotlight.

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