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Nikki Duncan, known professionally as O’Shit, is the wife of tattoo artist Richard Duncan of the VH1 reality series Black Ink Crew. The two met in 2006 and secretly married in July 2016. Although she was born as Niekiha, Nikki is better known by her nickname “Nikki.” The couple has two daughters together and are currently separated. Oshit has not yet revealed his new relationship, but he claims to be drinking water and wearing a faja.

During the holiday season, Nikki gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The pair shared photos of her daughter, named Niekiha, on their Instagram account. Their relationship is a pillar of the Black Ink Crew community, and their daughter has been the subject of several rumors, including the baby’s naming. They’ve also shared the news that they purchased a home. In the meantime, O’Sh*t has been posting pictures of her family and Niekiha, announcing her arrival in November.

Since their wedding, the couple has kept a low-profile. This season of Black Ink Crew has focused on their life away from the spotlight. The couple hasn’t posted photos of their baby’s arrival in the past. Instead, they have been keeping quiet on social media, and Nikki revealed that the social media world has negatively affected their marriage. It is unclear how the couple will handle this situation, but Nikki has given fans a glimpse of her life.

While their relationship isn’t public, the new momma is constantly tweeting about her life. She has been posting photos of the baby girl on Instagram and shared updates about Niekiha. Earlier in November, the couple announced that they had bought a house in January. O’Sh*t’s wife has been avoiding social media, explaining that it affects her life. It’s unclear whether the couple will be able to keep their new baby daughter private, but they’ve been hiding.

O’Sh*t’s recent social media posts have included pictures of her newborn daughter, Nova-Rae Rose. The couple also shared updates about Niekiha. They recently purchased a home and plan to move to New York. O’Sh*t has been posting photos of her daughter and the family in her Instagram profile. They are trying to maintain a low-profile lifestyle, but social media has affected their lives and their relationship.

O’Sh*t and Nikki Duncan are still keeping their personal lives private. Despite her recent birth, Nikki Duncan and O’Sh*t have been staying low on social media this season. They have a daughter, a new home, and a home-owner, which makes their relationship more private. It doesn’t matter what their relationship is like. They just want their family to be happy.

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