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Oliver Samwer: The Internet Entrepreneur’s Fortune

How rich is Oliver Samwer?

Together, the Samwer brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander achieved great things and made a billion dollar fortune. The online entrepreneurs jointly operate the Internet incubator Rocket Internet, whose company is located in Berlin. They also own the investment companies Global Founders Capital and the European Founders Fund. The fact that the three brothers grew up in a wealthy family in Cologne certainly didn’t hurt them on the way up. After all, this also enabled Oliver Samwer to graduate from an elite private university. He was at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management near Koblenz. The cherished Oliver Samwer’s assets are 1.34 billion euros.

The career of Oliver Samwer

The income on Oliver Samwer
The boys are said to have had the desire to start a company together as brothers at the age of 12/14/16. In addition to his studies at WHU, Oliver was able to complete a semester abroad at the Kellogg School of Management in the US state of Illinois. As a student, he was also made a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation. Following his BA degree, he secured a Trainee position at the investment bank Sal. Oppenheim.

This is now concentrated The brothers’ main business is the sale of companies. By the summer of 2011, the brothers were able to sell around 25 companies, which is said to have brought them a turnover of almost one billion US dollars. So the brothers were extremely successful very early in their careers. The first company was founded in 1999. The Internet auction house Alando followed in eBay’s footsteps. After the company had been online for just 100 days, it was already sold on eBay. After all, the American corporation is said to have paid for the acquisition of the German copy for 50 million US dollars.

A career full of highlights

In August 2000, the brothers started their next big business success. Together with such well-known company partners as Saturn, Media Markt and Debitel, they founded Jamba GmbH, which was to develop into the largest provider of mobile phone applications and ring tones in all of Europe. In 2004 this also became Group bought by a large US corporation – for a whopping 273 million US dollars.

Meanwhile the business activity is concentrated Brothers on their company Rocket Internet. For example, the brothers invested in Home24, Zalando and the no less well-known Westwing Home & Living GmbH. In the meantime, the brothers also bought Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. However, they sold these company shares again relatively quickly, and the effort should have paid off. After all, the brothers are said to have approximately tripled their original capital in this way. Whether MyCityDeal, MyHammer or Wimdu, these smart entrepreneurs have already played a role in many a well-known German Internet company.

Their considerable fortune has even resulted in the brothers being among the top 1,200 of the richest people in the world. The guys certainly want to continue their triumphant advance to the top and make up some positions on Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world. Despite the great entrepreneurial success of Oliver Samwer and Co., the brothers have so far had to take a lot of criticism. They were criticized, among other things, for the fact that they Copy business models and products of other companies in such detail that they turn the ideas of other companies into millions. From authoritarian leadership to ethical concerns about their business conduct, the list of criticisms is long.

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