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Ottavia Busia was born in Sardinia Island, Italy, in 1983. She is of Italian descent, but identifies as Caucasian. She went to school but later dropped out of school to pursue her passion for martial arts. She is the sister-in-law of Christopher Bourdain, a famous chef and food writer. She had a long and colorful career, appearing in films and television shows.

Initially, Ottavia Busia chose a different profession and began a mixed martial arts (MMA) training program. While she had initially wanted to regain her physique, she also sought out the opportunity to learn self-defense skills. Aikido and Jiu-jitsu were two of her favorite classes, and her newfound interest in self-defense helped her immensely. While training in jiu-jitsu, Busia was able to gain more confidence, and she is now a full-fledged MME fighter.

Ottavia Busia’s net worth is modest. She has appeared in several movies and television shows, and her salary is likely no more than the average MMA fighter. However, her popularity in the entertainment industry has earned her a great deal of attention. Despite her young age, she is already a highly successful TV personality and has a massive fan base. Her net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

She was born in Sardinia, Italy. She attended an elementary school where she studied martial arts, but also joined a rock band. At a young age, Ottavia Busia wanted to be a dentist, but fell in love with an Irish rock band and decided to pursue her dream. In 2000, she moved to New York City, where she worked as a waitress and a bartender. Her role on Geisha led to a lucrative acting career.

The actress’s sex with Anthony Bourdain was also the cause of her sex with the TV star. She dated her husband in 2007 and has a daughter, Ariane. In addition, Ottavia is known to be a fan of the Irish rock band, and she and Anthony Bourdain are often spotted together in public. While there is no official age, she’s still a young woman and an accomplished mixed martial artist.

The actress’s age is 57 years old. She has a height of 5 feet, and her weight is 68 kilograms. Her net worth is estimated at $500k. Her net worth is not known, but she has made a lot of money from fighting and becoming a mother. Besides her acting career, she has also been a model and a TV personality. So, if you are interested in Ottavia Busia’s personal life, check out her bio and learn more about her.

Ottavia Busia has a modest net worth of $1 million. She is an MMA fighter, but has also worked as a model and a TV personality. Her popularity has earned her a following of fans, and she has been featured in a number of films. The actress is a highly regarded MMA fighter, and has a net worth of $1 million. She has earned a lot of money in her career by competing with various MMA stars.

During her childhood, Ottavia Busia was very interested in martial arts and fangirling. Her favorite hobby was singing. She spent her adolescence in a rock band. While she initially wanted to become a dentist, she ended up pursuing a career in martial arts. She made a lot of money from her career as a martial artist and a singer.

Ottavia Busia’s height is 5 feet five inches. She has an athletic body measurement of 35-27-34 inches. Her eyes are brown. She is a Christian, and she was raised in Sardinia, Italy. She attended an English-speaking elementary school, where she studied English. After graduating from high school, she was a member of a rock band and studied martial arts. She has been married to Anthony Bourdain since 2007.

While Ottavia Busia’s age is an interesting question to ask, her marital status is also an important factor to consider. The actress has a very modest lifestyle, but her ex-husband reportedly taught her how to eat healthy. The couple has a daughter named Ariane. Ariane is still a teenager. Although her father was a famous actor, she did not live a wealthy life.

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