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Patrick g Jackson Twin Brother


Patrick G. Jackson is the twin brother of actor Paul Jackson. He is also a physician. He is an associate professor at Georgetown University and is the chief of astronomical surgery. He has an estimated net worth of $23 million and a monthly salary of $170,000. He is married and has two daughters. He is also related to actor Janna Ryan, who is his sister-in-law.


His parents were Miami natives who went to segregated schools and then attended historically Black colleges. After graduation, they lived in the DC area where they worked as public school teachers. After having their son, they moved back to Miami. Their son Johnny Jackson needed to get his law degree. Their mother, Ketajh Jackson, was an undercover narcotics recovery officer.

 Distinguished Background of Patrick 

While Ketanji Jackson may be slightly younger than his twin brother, Patrick G. Jackson has a much more distinguished background. He completed his internship, residency, and fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He is currently affiliated with MedStar Georgetown College Hospital in Washington, D.C. He and Ketanji Jackson have two children. Patrick is in his mid-fifties. His children might be in their twenties.


Like his brother, Patrick G. Jackson has two brothers. His elder brother is Francis Gardner Jackson III and his twin brother, William Jackson. They share the same paternal grandparents, Francis Gardner and Jane Mathews. They are both American citizens and follow Christianity as their religion. Both of their parents are Harvard graduates, and their father earned a doctorate degree from Colombia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Love Life

Patrick Jackson married Ketanji Brown in 1996. They met while studying at Harvard University. Their family roots are in England before the Mayflower. They met at Harvard College and fell in love. They were married in 1996 in front of their family and friends. Currently, they live in New York.

Wife Introduction 

Ketanji Brown Jackson is an American lawyer and will fill in as government judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit around 2021. Born in Miami, Florida, Ketanji Jackson attended Harvard University and served as an editorial manager of the Harvard Law Review. She had three clerkships before her official career. She also worked with Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.

Ketajh Jackson Mother 

Ketajh Jackson and Dana Little Jackson are related through their parents. Their mother, Prudence Petersen, passed away on 22 May 2010 in Houston, Texas. Their mother, Dana Little, was a lawyer, who had a close relationship with Jackson. They have three children together.


Ketanji met Patrick while they were both attending Harvard University. They married in 1996 and had two daughters. Ketanji met Patrick while attending Harvard Medical School. Patrick and Ketanji had dated for six and a half years. They later divorced. While in college, Patrick and Ketanji were roommates.

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