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paul alexander skateboarder

If you love the sport of skateboarding, you may want to know more about Paul Alexander. He is a British teenager who has an incredible talent for the sport. He was a hard worker and possessed crazy ambition for his age. As a teenager, he moved from Leicester to Bristol where he met pro skateboarder Danny Wainwright. The two became friends and Paul Alexander immersed himself in the life of a skateboarder, smoking weed every day and hanging out in College Square.

The documentary focuses on Alexander’s rise to fame as a skateboarder. The filmmaker Tim Crawley tells his story with a harrowing account of the circumstances that led to his suicide. When Paul Alexander was a child, he grew up in a small town in the north of England. He discovered opportunities for sponsorship, travel, and recognition through skateboarding. He lived with professional skateboarder Danny Wainwright, and soon became engrossed in the fun lifestyle of skateboarding. While Paul Alexander seemed destined for success, his life was shattered by a traumatic event.

After his death, Alexander’s family was devastated and was in denial. The filmmakers believe that he was a victim of suicide. The video was uploaded by NetworkA, which is owned by Google. Although the video was originally uploaded by NetworkA, the site now belongs to Bonnier Corporation. The film shows Paul Alexander’s struggle with depression. Despite the harrowing nature of his story, it is important to remember that there is still hope for the future.

As a skateboarder, Paul Alexander had the potential to be a pro. He moved from Leister, England, to Bristol where he lived with Danny Wainwright. He was sponsored and participated in many skateboarding tournees. He even made the cover of Sidewalk Magazine. However, after becoming involved with weed, his life became more complicated than he ever imagined. He was often accompanied by other skateboarders and he became paranoid. His paranoia caused him to quit his job and begin consuming large amounts of weed.

In addition to his skateboarding, Paul Alexander was also a talented musician. His career was supposed to reach the top. He lived with professional skateboarder Danny Wainwright and had a life of fame. While skateboarding is fun and exciting, it can be a lonely existence. Despite the high expectations, he also struggled with depression. The film follows his story and his struggles, and it is a must-watch.

The film is a true story about the life of a British skateboarder. It features Paul Alexander’s earliest days as a young skateboarder, his struggle with depression, and his struggles in his teenage years. The movie is a documentary, and it is a highly recommended watch. It has inspired many skateboarders and has made people realize that the sport isn’t for everyone.

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