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Paul Allen: Microsoft Founder’s Former Fortune

How rich was Paul Allen?

Bill knows Gates as well as every child. But what about Paul Allen? The Microsoft co-founder and eternal single was in fact not so well known in the minds of many people. Nevertheless, this American was one of the richest people in the world. This has also been confirmed by Forbes magazine, ranking Paul Allen 44th among the wealthiest people in the world before his death in 2018. His fortune could well be impressive. The purchase of a 23 million euro property in Atherton in Silicon Valley on the west coast of California was therefore easy for the entrepreneur and philanthropist. Paul Allen had an estimated fortune of 17.52 billion euros before his death (October 15, 2018). What will happen to his money is initially unclear. However, it will probably go entirely to the philanthropist organization “The Giving Pledge”.

Great assets

Microsoft assets
Also be Mercer Island property is worth over 15 million euros. Indeed, Paul Allen was very knowledgeable about real estate. After all, he sold an office complex to (CEO Jeff Bezos) in 2012 – for almost 1 billion euros! His investment portfolio was also worth millions. Whether Gist or Evri, in this way the entrepreneur is able to benefit financially from the good ideas of others. The American also had two professional sports teams – they were also part of the clever investment strategy and also contributed to a steadily growing fortune.

In addition to the Seattle Seahawks, who play in the world-famous National Footbal League (NFL), Paul Allen also owned the Portland Trail Blazers, who play in the NBA. Allen had been a shareholder in Seattle Sounders FC, a major league soccer team, since 2009. Paul Allen owned three yachts, including the octopus. He put this yacht into operation in 2003, at that time, with a length of 126.20 meters, it was still one of the largest and most expensive luxury yachts in the world.

The visionary Paul Allen – Microsoft

Whether as an art collector, businessman or in his role as a team owner, his vision determined Paul Allen’s life. In fact, the media have already referred to him as “Visionary of the networked world” designated. After all, by 2007 he had invested over 10 billion euros in precisely this sector. At the same time, the businessman doesn’t understand jokes when it comes to his intellectual property. Half of Silicon Valley has already sued his company. Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and Yahoo were also there.

Paul Allen's fortune
That Paul Allen had such an impressive career in the IT world may come as a surprise to some, given his background during his younger years. Because he never graduated from Washington State University. But that was a good thing. Finally he could get his own Role as a programmer thus dedicate fully. As a result, he laid the foundation for his current billion-dollar fortune shortly after graduating from high school.

It shouldn’t be long before the first company was founded with Bill Gates. The two friends jointly developed software for automating traffic counts. In 1973 Allen then worked as a programmer for the US company Honeywell. But that wasn’t enough for him. After all, it was Paul Allen who convinced Bill Gates, one of today’s most famous billionaires, to drop his studies at Harvard College. Because so the way was free, so Paul Allen and Bill Gates jointly found Microsoft could. The rest is history….

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