Paul King Hawaii Net Worth

If you’re wondering about Paul King’s Hawaii net worth, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has an opinion. Here, you can learn more about the money and success of the former Hawaii governor. As the chief meteorologist for Paul King Hawaii Insurance, Sung Kang makes more than $80,000 a year. Born in Korea, Sung Kang now lives in the United Kingdom. He was a model before becoming a meteorologist. His parents were Benjamin and Lydia King, and his big break was appearing on Holland’s Got Talent.

Aside from being a prominent frontman for Hawaiian music, Paul King Hawaii has a net worth of $25 million. He has many businesses, including clothing and apparel. More than 80 percent of his net worth comes from his clothing line. Several churches are affiliated with him, and his YouTube videos have gathered millions of views. His sprawling beachfront mansion is adorned with floor-to-ceiling cast.

Aside from his real estate business, Paul King is also a longtime resident of the island. He and his wife Susan plan to move to Lanikai once they have a family. He is investing his money in real estate development, and has already begun building his own home on the island. He works with Mike Dilks, a longtime friend from the island and a Hawaii Life agent.

After disbanding Reluctant Stereotypes in 1979, King formed the Raw Screens. This act honed his skills as a multi-tone artist. The band became popular in the 1980s, and King’s self-titled band re-launched as King in 1983. King was known for his spray-painting Doc Marten boots, his parrot hairstyle, and his “like-the-child” image. King has no girlfriend and no prior relationships. He has no kids.