Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth 2021

The first step in increasing your peekaboo ice cream net worth is to learn about its history and current profitability. This article will provide you with an overview of the company’s recent financial statements. It also gives you a closer look at its current business model and potential growth. The company was founded by Karenokit, who also owns two Serendipity Creamery locations. She started selling ice cream in the early 2000s and quickly began receiving a cult following. Her ice cream has been available in a variety of flavors and she has earned a net worth of $3 million.

Jessica Levison is the brain behind Peekaboo Ice Cream. She previously worked as a lawyer for Legal Aid Services in Florida before starting her own business. She was one of four finalists for the Real California Milk Snackcelerator competition and won the prize, which was more than $10,000. She had been running a popular ice cream store in Miami for over 10 years before she decided to apply for the show. In the open casting call, she received a call from the producers of Shark Tank.

While the Shark Tank episode did not get the company a deal, Jessica Levison is still working hard to grow her business and is now working toward the goal of achieving $3 million in annual sales by July 2021. The company has also successfully expanded online, and is on track to sell ice cream in over three thousand retail stores by 2021. Jessica Dawson is also planning to introduce a vegan ice cream, but this was postponed because of the recent covid pandemic. She is now selling organic ice cream that contains hidden vegetables and minerals.

The company has grown quickly since its launch in January 2019. The product line now includes four flavours and one vegetable hidden within each. It sells for between $10 and $15 per 14-oz carton. The company is also planning to bring its products to market as mini-snacks. The net worth of Peekaboo Ice Cream will grow to over $1.2 billion by 2021, thanks to its upcoming expansion plans.

After making its Shark Tank debut last year, Peekaboo has steadily increased sales since then. The company recently introduced new flavors such as Unicorn and Cookie Dough. The company makes all of its ice cream using vegetables and blends them into the recipe. It is also organic, non-GMO, and kosher. If you’re interested in expanding the brand’s distribution, there are a few ways to boost your net worth.

Since it was featured on Shark Tank, Peekaboo has continued to expand its customer base and launch new products. Since the Shark Tank, the company has introduced two new flavors that contain hidden veggies. One of these flavors includes Cookie Dough with hidden zucchini. Another new product, called Unicorn Birthday Cake, is Strawberry Sorbet with hidden tomatoes. These flavors are in line with the company’s mission statement of delivering nutrition to children. The company’s mission statement is to make organic, healthy food.

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