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Per Mertesacker fortune
With a former Salary at the traditional London club Arsenal of the equivalent of almost 4.3 million euros Per Mertesacker is not one of the richest football players, but should probably make ends meet. After that, however, it did not always look like this during his career, as he did not play for any of the top European teams for many years. The turning point only came in 2011, when he went to Arsenal London changed so that the German Bundesliga and thus his long-term club Werder Bremen left and officially became a “Gunner”. In addition to his basic salary of 4.3 million euros per season, there was also advertising income and bonus payments.

In addition, Per was an important part (2004-2014) of the German national soccer team, which also paid large sums of money at major events such as the World Cup or EM. In 2014 he became world champion with the DFB Elf in Brazil and then announced his retirement from the national team. We appreciate that Per Mertesacker’s fortune to 17 million euros.

The career of Per Mertesacker

The professional player, who was born in Hanover on September 29, 1984, is one of the few German professional football players who can present a high school diploma. At the age of four he started playing football for the regional club TSV Pattensen and familiarized himself with the sport. Here he was able to learn a lot and work on his technology before moving to the Youth of the much larger club Hannover 96 changed. Nevertheless, he was not considered an outstanding talent either at TSV Pattensen or at Hannover 96, even if he showed solid performances and it was obvious that he could oversee various game situations.

Per Mertesacker salary
It was certainly an extraordinary situation for him and for everyone involved that he initially played under his father Stefan Mertesacker, who was coaching the young team at the time. But finally he succeeded in convincing the next coach Jörg Goslar of himself, whereupon he was allowed to train with the first team for the first time and in this way was able to sniff the Bundesliga air.

His first appearance in that league shouldn’t be long in coming, because he was already in 2003 in the game against Cologne used. Again, this commitment was not primarily due to his outstanding game, but rather to his consistency, which he showed in training with the professionals.

Only when he was trusted more in the period that followed, his game also improved, which quickly made him a regular player until he became a valid game designer who actively promoted the game. It was thanks to this, especially in the 2004-2005 season, that we are now in Bremen became aware of him and decided to buy the young player from the Hanoverians for a transfer fee of 4.7 million.

Also at Werder Bremen he convinced with his active game and his consistency and made it not only to one of the most important players in the team, but even to you captain to become. On the other hand, he suffered from – as he later admitted – not playing for one of the very big European clubs, although it was his secret dream to play for the London club Arsenal one day.

From Werder Bremen to Arsenal London

German national team during trainingHowever, this dream should only come true in 2011 after playing for Werder for 5 years. Arsene Wenger, coach of Arsenal decided to buy the willing player from Bremen for 10 million euros. From then on he should be proud in the British capital – exclusive advertising income Earn 3.1 million pounds sterling. In early 2014, however, he extended his contract early, increasing his salary to £ 3.64. At the traditional London club he recently played alongside national team colleague Mesut Özil and earned a small fortune there.

In the German national team, Per Mertesacker initially played under coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who surprisingly integrated the young regular player into the team. Since his first game in 2004, he has played a total of 104 international matches for Germany and scored a total of four goals. After the coronation with the world championship title in 2014 under national coach Joachim Löw, Per announced his resignation from the national team.

His greatest successes

  • German national player (World Champion 2014, third place in the 2006 World Cup, 2010, European Vice Champion 2008)
  • DFB Cup Winner 2009 (Werder Bremen)
  • FA Cup winners 2014 and 2015 (Arsenal)

His possession

Per Mertesacker owns the company CP Immobilien together with his soccer buddy Clemens Fritz. The company was the joint idea of ​​the two and is intended as a safeguard for the time after their careers. Interested parties can already search for their dream property via CP Immobilien.

In contrast to other professional footballers such as Khedira, Götze and Co. who also like to drive a Porsche Panamera or a Mercedes SLS, Mertesacker has opted for a down-to-earth Golf GTI White Edition worth around 35,000 euros.

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Per Mertesacker in the Arsenal jersey – Ronnie Macdonald / Flickr [CC-BY-2.0]
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