Peter Glatzer Net Worth

Aside from being a film producer, Peter Glatzer has also worked in the television industry. His production credits include August Wilson’s Fences, Catching the Sun, Revolution with Brian Solis, and Young Farmers. He has a number of tattoos on his body. Interestingly, he has one of the highest net worths of any tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy. If you’re wondering how much money Glatzer is worth, read on to find out more!

Elisabeth Rohm and Peter Glatzer are engaged! The two met in the Los Angeles home of a mutual friend, Robbie Brenner. The two developed a strong like, and had discussed going to Yaddo, an artist’s retreat in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Peter Glatzer attended Skidmore College and had also visited the artist’s retreat several times. The two were reportedly dating at the time, but pursued their friendship.

The tattoo artist has a net worth of $3 million. She has worked in New York City for the past decade and has a double-sized studio in Manhattan. Her tattoo shop, Mikiri Gallery, is her headquarters. Peter Glatzer net worth was estimated at around 3 million dollars in July 2021, but that’s just before he sold it for $75 million. Before his divorce in 2021, Glatzer had an estimated net worth of $3 million.