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Peyton Manning: Ex-Quarterback Net Worth and Salaries

How Much Money Did Peyton Manning Make?

Peyton Manning was one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. Because it’s only been a few days since he and his Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl 2016 moved in and won the title. Manning, who comes from New Orleans in Louisiana, is around 180 million euros and has no financial problems anyway. As one of the oldest quarterbacks in the entire NFL, Manning managed to win his second Superbowl in 2016 at the age of 39 and then ended his career. In total, he made nearly $ 250 million in salary in his football career.

Peyton Manning Salary Broncos
In the past he has even been named one of the 10 highest paid athletes in the world. Because in his last professional years he was able to partially Rake in NFL salary of $ 32 million plus $ 10 million from various advertising deals and thus earn a golden nose. Plus, he’s the only NFL player to have made it five MVPs, so the Peyton Manning myth remains unbroken and with one Assets of over 180 million euros he doesn’t need to worry about the future either.

Best paid TV expert in the world?

US sports broadcaster ESPN has been trying to get Manning since the end of his career and wants to hire him as a TV expert. He is said to earn a record salary of 18-20 million US dollars a year and would immediately become the best-paid TV expert in the world. Ex Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who receives around 17 million US dollars a year from CBS, currently bears this title.

Manning doesn’t just beat Brady on the field

Tom Brady will of course have been madly annoyed that he could not buy his ticket for the Super Bowl 2016 by the hair. But the star quarterback also has to admit defeat to Peyton Manning outside of the football field. Whatever Peyton Manning touches seems to be turning into gold right now. Because he is not only one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever, who can still win the current Super Bowl, but he was also able to win with various appearances, advertising income, fan merchandise and a flourishing licensing business lucrative extra income build up. With that alone, Peyton Manning earned 12 million US dollars in 2015 and is therefore not only ahead of Drew Brees, but also his brother Eli Manning, who, in addition to his salary, had additional income of 8 million US dollars in 2015. Tom Brady, on the other hand, was only able to land additional deals worth 6 million US dollars. So the Broncos quarterback has benefited a lot from working with the following companies:

  • Papa John’s (Pizza Delivery Service)
  • Nationwide (Insurance)
  • DirecTV (TV provider)
  • Gatorade (energy drink)

In the US state of Colorado, the NFL superstar even owns 20 of his own Papa John’s pizza restaurants, so the quarterback has already built a foothold for the time after the NFL.

Peyton Manning net worth
The Manning brothers have football in their blood. Her father was a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and went down in football history as the legend Archie Manning. By the way, Peyton’s younger brother, Eli, is the quarterback for the New York Giants, so this family can get very busy when the Giants and Broncos clash. Before Peyton came to his current team, the Denver Broncos, he played for 14 years with the Indianapolis Colts and has already won a Super Bowl title. The Indianapolis Colts were certainly very pleased with their choice.

Because in the 1998 NFL Draft Peyton Manning was selected by them as the first football player and was able to set two rookie records during his first season. When the quarterback moved to the Broncos, he signed one 5-year contract valued at $ 96 million. Because in recent years Manning has clearly shown that he wants more. As early as the 2013 season, he broke several records by throwing 55 touchdowns during the regular season, overtaking Tom Brady. So the rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady goes back a few years. However, the two always treated each other with the greatest respect.

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