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Phoenix Sky Andersen Age


Phoenix Sky Andersen age is 7 years. He was born in July 2015. His parents are A.J. Cook and Nathan Andersen. They are both 44 years old. The family resides in Los Angeles, CA. She married Nathan Andersen on 3 August 2001. He has one brother named Mekhai. His parents are both American citizens and of unknown ethnicity. 

Phoenix Sky Andersen Family

AJ Cook and Nathan Andersen met in a film class. They later married in 2001. They have two sons: Mekhai Allan Andersen (born September 2008) and Phoenix Sky Andersen (born July 23, 2015). As of today, she is 44 years old. Hre has a brother named Mekhai. The couple has no plans of having a third child.

Father’s Career 

Nathan Andersen and AJ Cook have two sons. They had Mekhai in September 2008. He was also known for playing the role of Henry LaMontagne in the hit TV series Criminal Minds. Their children were born on July 23, 2015 and September 2008. Andersen is also a father. Her husband, Nathan, is a retired engineer, but he is also an entrepreneur. 

His First Role

Phoenix Sky Andersen was born on July 23, 2015. He is the son of Nathan Andersen and AJ Cook. He is an actor who played Jennifer Jareau in the CBS drama Criminal Minds. His parents are Leos, and his mother is AJ Cook. He has one brother, Mekhai Allan. They have a great life together. They also share a daughter, Mekhai Allan, and a son named Phoenix Sky.

Phoenix Sky Andersen Clothing Line

AJ Cook and Nathan Andersen are a couple who met while attending a film class. AJ Cook and Nathan Andersen were married on August 3, 2001. They are the owners of clothing line Walter Sky, which offers minimalist wardrobes. The couple has two sons, Phoenix Sky and Mekhai Allan. The youngest of the two, Mekhai, is currently a high school student. Both parents have been in the industry for a long time. It’s not surprising that they both started out as aspiring actors. Their parents were very much in love and had a child together.

How they meet

Cook, who you likely know as Agent Jennifer “JJ” Jareau on “Criminal Minds”, has been married to Andersen since 2001 (per AmoMama). The two met while she was in college at Utah Valley University and have gone on to have a long and healthy relationship.

Nathan Andersen 

Nathan Andersen is the husband of one of the most famous actresses in the entertainment industry. Despite having a well-known wife, the entrepreneur has mostly chosen to stay out of the spotlight.


Nathan Andersen is a devoted father who loves spending time on the beach. But most of all, he loves traveling and exploring new places far away from civilization, like canyons.Nathan Andersen was involved in the Hollywood entertainment industry; however, he realized it was not for him. He has since become a fashion designer and has a clothing brand called Walter Sky.


 Phoenix Sky Andersen appeared as Henry LaMontagne throughout the Criminal Minds series. The couple’s second son, Phoenix Sky, was born in July 2015

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