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How rich is pink?

Pink (or in its own spelling: P! Nk) is real name Alecia Beth Moore and was born on September 8, 1979 in Doylestown (Pennsylvania). Pink is a pop-rock singer, actor, songwriter, show acrobat, and dancer. Through her numerous activities as well as her successful music career, she has built up a large financial cushion. The cherished Pink’s net worth is 185 million euros.

Life & career start

Fees from Pink

Due to her parents’ divorce, she had lost her father at a very young age. In addition, the relationship with the mother got worse and worse, which is why the mother quickly lost control of her daughter. So P! nk regularly consumed alcohol and drugs relatively early on. At the age of 14 she was given therapeutic treatment, but to no avail.

After her mother kicked her out just two years later, Pink learned to stand on her own two feet at a very young age. Without a school leaving certificate, she worked in a food chain. During this time she also had written numerous poems, some of which her songs are based on.

However, her career didn’t begin until 2000 when that Debut album Can’t Take Me Home originated. The album was very well received, which is why P! Nk felt confirmed in their talent. Before that, she joined a girl band, but broke up Choice after just one year. The recorded album was never released.

But in 2001 she made her breakthrough. She had the classic Lady jam re-recorded with Lil ‘Kim, Christiana Aguilera and Mya. The song immediately shot to number 1 on the charts – not only in the US, but in many other countries as well. In 2001 she was able to claim the VMA and only a year later the Grammy for herself. Today Pink has sold over 40 million albums and 70 million singles. She is one of the most successful artists of our time.

Sales from streaming music

Pink income

Pink’s fan community consists of both younger and older people, which is why the streaming numbers are relatively low in relation to their awareness. But she still has over 21 million listeners on Spotify alone. In addition, she can count herself lucky, because digital or physical sales earn significantly more than streaming platforms.

Current is with 4,000 euros per million streams expected. We have attached a list of the most popular songs on Spotify right now. However, we cannot give any other numbers, as neither Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music nor any other platform provides insight.

The most popular songs by P! Nk:

  • Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) with 557 million streams; estimated turnover: 2.2 million euros
  • Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash) with 82 million streams; estimated turnover: 328,000 euros
  • Raise Your Glass with 239 million streams; estimated turnover: 956,000 euros
  • What About Us with 456 million streams; estimated turnover: 1.8 million euros
  • Walk Me Home with 195 million streams; estimated turnover: 780,000 euros

P! Nk as an actress

Merit of Pink

Rock singer Pink was also interested in acting during her early days. That’s how she looked in the movie Ski to the Max by Willy Bogner With. She also worked on the remake Rollerball With. at 3 Angels for Charlie – Full power she was seen in a minor supporting role in 2003. She then starred in numerous other films, but apparently she has not appeared in any film since 2012. Just because of their popularity, the fee is likely to be much higher than usual – a higher five-digit amount and later six-digit amount is definitely to be expected.

Book Sales Income

The English journalist Paul Lester published a biography of Pink in 2010. The book with the original title Split personal details – The Story Of P! NK was a bestseller. In German-speaking countries, the book was entitled Pink – two faces released. Pink will certainly earn a percentage of this as well.

DVDs, calendars and other fan products

Among other things, Pink has numerous fan products on Amazon, such as DVDs of tour performances and (nude) calendars with a key ring or fridge magnets. An enormous amount arises from all business areas. In 2018, the artist is said to have earned 32 million euros. In 2010 the amount was 39 million euros. Today it is a little quieter around Pink, but I am alone Expect a double-digit million amount per year through license income.

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