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Plastic surgery madness: These 10 stars spend the most money

It should be common knowledge that the beauty and surgery craze is rampant in Hollywood. But some stars and starlets go a decisive step further than others. You spend half a fortune on her beauty. This is so much money that one or the other in this country would have built a house with such sums long ago or even provided for it. Above all, the American superstars are under tremendous pressure from the outside. In the press, every flaw, no matter how small, is severely criticized and the stars only get some film roles when they go under the knife, which is always the case to meet new ideals of beauty. So it is not a really beautiful world in which the following 10 stars live. Because beauty quickly becomes torture.

These 10 Hollywood Stars Spend the Most Money on the Plastic Surgeon

10Demi Moore

Demi Moore just doesn’t seem to be aging, which is what she thinks she is very good cosmetic surgeons owes. Her uncertainty about her appearance only assumed this extent when she was in a relationship with the much younger Ashton Kutcher. The film star even had her “misshapen knees” corrected. This beauty craze is so alarming because Demi should actually be a better role model for her daughters from the relationship with Bruce Willis.

Demi Moore net worth


That Cher no longer looks the way God once created her should be clear at first glance. However, the singer only admitted that she had a breast and nose operation. So even if Cher can tell it’s a complete fashion pack, the aging singer doesn’t like to admit it. It is also the fear of a possible end of career that drives Cher to such operations.

Cher fortune

8thLil ‘Kim

Lil ‘Kim is not only a rap icon, but she was also really pecked at. Above all, many fans resent the bleaching of her skin. Her nose and cheeks have also changed significantly more unnaturally over the years. As much as the fans are annoyed about it and call Lil ‘Kim a bad role model, Nicki Minaj seems to have taken the rapper as an example when it comes to her cosmetic surgery.

Lil 'Kim fortune

7thJocelyn Wildenstein

Jocely Wildenstein is internationally known not by her name, but as the cat woman. She owes this reputation to a few unfortunate cosmetic surgeries with a bitter end. The society lady from the USA owes her fortune to her ex-husband Alex Wildenstein, who made his living as a businessman and art dealer. During his divorce, he had to pay 2.5 million US dollars, from which the cat woman has now financed her operations. There are even rumors that the society lady only went under the knife to save her marriage to husband Alec. Marriage broken and distorted forever – it couldn’t have been worse for Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Jocelyn Wildenstein net worth

6thTom Jones

Going to the cosmetic surgeon has almost become part of everyday life for Tom Jones. Somehow the good Jones has to maintain his status as a sex symbol. The musician too openly admits that he has already had a few operations behind him. He had a lot done, especially in the area of ​​the eyes, nose and chin. But that’s probably just the beginning. However, Jones’ surgeon had already warned him very strongly. Now the surgery has to be over, otherwise his face could collapse completely.

Tom Jones fortune

5Sharon Osbourne

At least one can say of Sharon Osbourne, the wife of the music legend Ozzy Osbourne, that she doesn’t hold back with her cosmetic surgery. Unlike many other Hollywood greats, Sharon is very open about the fact that she has already had something done on her. This is also a topic of conversation on her talk show. The operations were already worth $ 185,000 or more to her. Allegedly there is hardly a part of the body that a doctor has not yet worked on. Ozzy’s wife does not rule out further operations in the future.

Sharon Osbourne net worth

4thKris Jenner

Cosmetic surgery runs in the Jenner-Kardashians’ family. Whether Kris Jenner’s daughters need such a role model remains to be seen. The momager, as Kris calls herself, does, however, regular rejuvenation cures with Botox and has already had her breasts lifted and tightened. The former wife of Bruce Jenner, who now lives as a transsexual Caitlyn Jenner, has also endured a facelift very publicly. Doing everything for beauty also means that the matriarch pushes her daughters further and further, as she ultimately earns part of her success and that is the only way to get the change she needs for her operations.

Kris Jenner net worth

3David Gest

David Gest is less known in Germany. Liza Minelli’s ex-husband is just as addicted to beauty. There is hardly a man who has gone under the knife as often as he. Several nose surgeries and cheek implants that Gest used to say he looked like a chipmunk speak for themselves. Minelli’s ex states that Michael Jackson was his inspiration for the numerous operations.

David Gest Fortune

2Kim Kardashian

Many people may be surprised that Kim Kardashian only takes second place in this ranking. After all, bad tongues say that the it girl is nothing and only earns her money with her appearance. American magazines recently reported that Kim K spent $ 80,000 on various cosmetic surgeries following the birth of her daughter North. Kim herself, of course, denies this and states that the Atkins Diet was her key to success. Even now, Kanye West’s wife should plan new procedures again. She wants to spend up to 150,000 US dollars to be prepared after the birth of her son.

Kim Kardashian net worth

1Heidi Monday

A long, long time ago, Heidi Montag became known as a natural beauty on a reality show on the American broadcaster MTV. She was the girl next door, which is now hard to recognize. Heidi also met her current husband Spencer during her MTV days. After the end of the show, Spender and Heidi wanted to continue to be in the limelight, so Heidi resorted to extreme means. A nose and breast operation as well as various interventions in the area of ​​the eyebrows and chin followed. Heidi underwent a total of 10 procedures at the same time in 2010 and is now just an artificial shadow of the former beauty.

Heidi Montag fortune

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