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POP interviews: Attilio Fontana, from I Ragazzi Italiani to Tale & Quali Show

Attilio Fontana is a former member of the boy band The Italian Boys, as well as winner of the Tale & Which Show. Today his life, like everyone’s, is in the balance, but the desire to return to perform on stage as a multifaceted artist is certainly not lacking. We from Digital Global Times we met and interviewed him and below you will find what he told us!

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The words of Attilio Fontana

Hi Attilio! In the meantime, to break the ice, I would like to ask you how you are and how you are going through this delicate period.

You’re right it is a delicate period, personally I am waiting like many, perhaps all of them, to be able to resume my life. With the theater closed since March we have practically stopped for a year. I really miss the stage and empathy with the public, at the same time I had more time for family, children and creativity, I wrote a lot and managed to make my album, despite the limitations, which wanted to be a record ” heroic ”and a necessary Polaroid of this period, giving back to me and to those who follow me a bit of that truth and soul that is only encountered in the“ live ”.

Just referring to this particular period of our lives, I would like to ask you if anyone has ever mistaken you for the President of the Lombardy Region, since you have the same name (laughs, ed).

Unfortunately, it often happens that I get tagged in his place and therefore I sometimes get insults, other times languid salamelecchi, my fan club on Facebook I practically had to abandon it because it is constantly looted by harassing posts on politics and issues that frankly do not belong to me. , perhaps this kind of gratuitous and a bit barbaric violence is part of this era, the thing that makes me smile is that in all these posts they try to give advice and political directives to, according to them, improve the country and they don’t even care to look at who they are tagging, it is as if I were going out to go to the post office and complaining about the queue that I am doing in the delicatessen, unfortunately it is aberrant but when I can I laugh about it.

Let’s come to us: your career starts a long time ago, you were part of the well-known group Italian boys. Would you like to tell us something about the beginnings in music up to now?

Yes, I was part of the most “popular” boy band in Italy and it has been an explosive success for several years, we lived something from a very young age that is difficult to explain, a beautiful and intense experience. It was also a period where I learned a lot between live, studio recording, where I was always present, thousands of travels in Italy and around the world, maybe we were too young, unaware and disenchanted to be inside that big and ruthless machine but it is it was a nice trip. A journey that started earlier for me: I had moved to Rome, I had a rock group I was part of a gospel choir, I studied theater and sculpture, I played the guitar and I dreamed of being an artist. And today I still feel in the midst of that fantastic journey.

Attilio Fontana

Speaking of more recent episodes, you were also the winner of the Tale & Which Show! Can you tell us this experience?

A beautiful marathon! In the years after “Guys” I continued to work with music, in the theater and to study a lot, Tale and Which was the occasion to show me in a different role from the television audience that you don’t always find in the theater or live, so it has represented a rebirth that gave me the opportunity to play with my talent, having fun like crazy, and to make known aspects of myself that for many were hidden. I never expected to win an “imitator” program wanting to be an actor and songwriter but it was the perfect cocktail to bring out the crazy and playful side of me. Also there I met the love of my life, Clizia, who in the end is the most important “prize”.

How did you feel with the other competitors, the staff and Carlo Conti?

Well, it was an incredible year, there were Fabrizio Frizzi, with whom a special friendship was born immediately, Amadeus, Fiordaliso, Riccardo Fogli, Kaspar Capparoni, Clizia and so on. In the makeup room we were always all together and it looked like a pirate ship, it was a continuous of jokes and jokes and in the end we bonded a lot. Carlo is a great captain and the whole team is very professional and attentive in making a great show and it is no coincidence that every year it consolidates as a success. I must say that it was one of the luckiest editions for cast, harmony and plays that every week reached the stars., I think also thanks to this alchemy.

Would you repeat a similar experience on television or do you think your realm is more related to performances live and at concerts?

Such and what was perfect for my talent, when they asked me to put myself in a “house” to fight or go in search of coconuts I thought it was not my thing. Sometimes I have given up on a lot of money and visibility, but if I go on TV I like to go there as an artist, I try to resist things that don’t resemble me. In the live I am naked and whoever “chooses” me has the most fragile and precious part of me as a gift, it is a fair exchange and in the theater I can show my craziest and most chameleonic aspect through the characters and every time I meet the public, what happens is really special.

Tell us about your new job instead Secret Sessions. How long have you wanted to make a record like this? And what was it like to record without the warmth of the audience?

I always dreamed of making an album like this, as a child I went to record shops to look for Bootlegs (which were practically secretly recorded lives) or I consumed records like Live at Sin-è by Jeff Buckley or Live by Ivano Fossati, in short. I dreamed of being able to put the concentrated juice of my songs in an album as it was done with old vinyls, you put the tip on the wax and what was left was good. It is a record like this, I must say that it was strange to do it without an audience at the beginning but what those who listened to it wrote to me is beautiful, the best compliment is from those who are telling me that they put on their headphones and hear themselves within an inch from us and it seems to be there, for me this is a great gift and a successful experiment because whoever listens to it becomes the other half of the apple.

Attilio Fontana

We from Digital Global Times we are a bit nosy: I would like to ask you some details about your private life, maybe some news that you have not yet confessed to anyone magazine (laughs, ed).

Damn, I would like to tell you transgressive and incredible things, but we are at home with two children so between planning and tripping over toys the days always go away quickly, it is a “den” period that maybe I will miss on the one hand because there is always a few moments of the day, perhaps towards evening, where all four of us pile up on the sofa or on the big bed and it seems to be on a loving raft among children, bottles and stories. Here, perhaps these are the most precious moments in this period. Then in theory it’s time to get married here but we would like to try to do it without masks …

You and your partner have two wonderful children, as you said, with two very special names. Can you tell us where this choice comes from?

Blu was born from writing to Clizia, we wrote a lot before “touching” and in our digital epistles I was Blue and she was Grenny, for the color of the eyes, when the news arrived we looked for a name but it played Blu all the time, the more time passed the more it remained afloat, we read books of names, we consulted but in the end it was him, Blu and today looking at him he could only have this name, it makes us think of beautiful things. I think the name can also bring this and not just ancient family ties, Mercutio is my favorite character of the theater, he starts in Romeo and Juliet with a monologue that is a praise to creative madness and freedom, even Clizia liked it, me I was hesitant because he is a tormented character, then in the end even here he remained at the top of the list and today we are happy with the choice, they are names that are giving and will give them a strong identity.

Speaking of the future, I would like to ask you what you see in yours and what you wish for.

Perhaps the most difficult thing and that is making us all a little crazy and “bewildered” is just not being able to make plans so I had to “reprogram” myself and take everything more to the day, I enjoy the little things more and try every day to imagine it as unique and precious. From my heart I hope to get back for myself and for everyone the life we ​​had, without masks or too many masks, to be able to look at each other, smile at each other and return to nourish trust in others and not just in technology or numbers.

Attilio Fontana

Now some questions point blank in style Digital Global Times:

U2 or Rolling Stones?


Cinema or television?


Dogs or cats?


If you could collaborate with a great artist of our time, what would it be?

Sting has always been my myth.

Now, as usual, we close the interview with our standard question. We call ourselves Digital Global Times and for us POP is something captivating, beautiful, eclectic, positive. What is POP for you?

I love the definition POP: for me it has always been the smoothie of those who know how to make art well and make it understandable to everyone, POP breaks down barriers, walls and borders, so long live to be POP!

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