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POP interviews: let’s find out who Mister Unique Life is!

Mister UniqueLife has a name and is Fabrizio Politi; talented Roman art director who depopulated on Instagram to the sound of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful artistic compositions and above all a lot of food. Of Fabrizio we all know more or less that works in a communication agency, who loves to travel (and eat), loves dogs – especially bulldogs – and has a creative soul. But to us of Digital Global Times this information was not enough and we went to better investigate the life of Mr. UniqueLife. Let’s find out who is the tattooed guy with the love for donuts.

Fabrizio, your profile Instagram speaks for itself; looking at the images, you are immersed in magical, romantic, ironic atmospheres. Knowing how to excite is truly a talent and through your photos it is difficult not to dream, not to imagine a story. When did you start, what did you have in mind? How did you approach Instagram and above all with what purpose?

When I started I had a “standard” profile, selfie, dog photo, sushi photo … then one morning, scrolling through other profiles, I saw that mine was the same as many others and I told myself that I was not like that. I then started looking for inspiring ideas and profiles that I liked, from there I then moved on to wanting to create an image that could be traceable to me using my arms with my tattoos. The purpose of social media without wandering around it is first of all the person’s ego, then it can become a job. I am an art director and I wanted to approach this world as a challenge to be able to use my creativity in a different way.

We know that you work as a graphic designer for an important agency; you are a creative person, that’s for sure, but you think yours background cultural background, have your technical preparation helped you to invent the guidelines for your social project?

I certainly think it was the basis that helped me to have a different vision, a more creative approach to content creation, avoiding copying things already seen or done by others.

So, in your experience, which themes are the most popular on a social network like Instagram? We have seen that in your photos the theme of food often recurs, the creation of real patterns with fruits, biscuits, vegetables and other foods. Do you find this to be the real cornerstone of the social era, photographing a particular dish or composition to get likes?

The main themes are travel and food. They are linked to the idea of ​​those who look at this social network of being able one day to go, I don’t know, to a desert island, to a resort in Bali or to an exclusive restaurant in Singapore. As for the cornerstone I don’t know, I follow my feelings, my ideas and the things I want to communicate in a particular photo and then I create it accordingly .. Let’s face it, I’m always hungry so I don’t text!

By now we are all hyper-connected and through the contents we decide to publish we get consensus and criticism. You are very followed and you receive feedback positive from all over the world, but as we believe you will surely have received unfavorable comments. How do you feel about it? Is it something that discourages, despite the large numbers that your profile shows, or rather does it spur you to do better and let people who don’t know you talk?

When you decide to enter the social world, you must be ready to even get naked and each user can have their say. If you were to post just to get positive comments it would be useless to me. I have had, have, and will have negative comments, I always try to be polite, my DNA in Magliana (a neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome, ed.) Is not of the same opinion, also because in the end we are talking about comments behind a screen . I try to analyze them and understand what is said to me in such a way as to give the right weight to the words to improve. On social media, everything can and they say what they want, this is also the beauty of these platforms.

Did you expect all this success?

If I can, I have two jobs and one goes on until the evening at 11pm, I wouldn’t really talk about “success”. I am one of many, there are smaller, larger ones, we are like 1 billion users on Instagram; I am a drop in the ocean. I’m just a creative juggling.

We know you are the co-founder from can you explain better what it is?

Nafi (Not Another Fucking Influencer) is a blog born in 4 hands with @isamuko. We work together, and we have decided to combine our passions to tell our experiences, from travel, to food, to discoveries in the various cities. We try to have a social, but not very mainstream, approach to things, in such a way as to give users different ideas, unusual paths to follow in order to have more local experiences.

By now everyone, some more, some less, has the deformation of photographing what we find captivating; the outward appearance became the focus of each shot. Everything must be aestethic, as the jargon dictates. Do you think that the managers of the premises or those who are preparing to start the business of trader keep this aspect in mind more than they did years ago?

Officially social networks tell the best part of our life, so we all try to take and post something nice to tell. Nobody would post that it is in line at the post office, but post that instead it is in a place for an aperitif, so to speak. By now the locals have understood that social networks are the direct and immediate showcase to let users get the feeling of the place, what awaits them and also how “cool” it is to go there rather than somewhere else.

As you know, we are an all-female magazine, so we want to mind your business a little bit. You find that your success with the fairer sex has increased or remained the same after your rise up Instagram?

I have been a spinster for 5 years, escaped from the altar, so I have very clear what my needs and my spaces are. Of course some direct messages arrive but nothing so compromising and in any case let’s remember that a like is not a marriage proposal.

If tomorrow for a bug from Instagram your profile was closed, would it be a tragedy or an opportunity to renew your character and recreate a different one?

It would be an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and start over.

Do you think your work, without social media, could still exist?

My work existed before social media, certainly now it is more immediate and more influenced. Suffice it to say that nowadays social networks replace real campaigns that previously were done in the press or TV. Let’s say they are the evolution of the times.

We conclude with a question that refers to the name of our magazine. For Digital Global Times, the meaning POP it represents something attractive, captivating, trendy. What is it for you POP?

POP is everything that manages to amaze you, stimulate you, intrigue you. Something that can influence you to develop new ideas.

Fabrizio can be found on Instagram under the name of @misteruniquelife and below we offer you some other really suggestive shots.

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