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POP INTERVIEWS: Manuel Aspidi, from Friends to Stevie Wonder’s dream

Things have happened since 2006 when Manuel Aspidi, very young, he took part in Friends of Maria De Filippi. Recently, the artist returned with a new single, Last call, and it was an opportunity to chat and talk about the past, present, but above all the future.

The words of Manuel Aspidi

Manuel, let’s start right away with your new song, Last call: a strong and clear message to save our land.

The song was written by Julian Hinton and Phil Palmer. When I listened to it for the first time, I said that the topic I wanted to deal with in this song was our planet, the earth that calls us and asks us for help, begging us to safeguard it. Last Call (the last call, in Italian) tells just this. This is the last call for the planet, this is the last word: «All is not lost / There is so much to improve / Let’s help the world / Let’s make the change», these are some of the phrases of the song. Once the song was ready, my record company THOMAS MUSUC & Art contacted the WWF telling them about this project and our willingness to donate all the proceeds from the sales for the realization of their projects, and with great love they joined the cause. .

What are the daily actions you do to protect our environment?

First of all, I don’t throw anything on the ground or in the sea, but I put everything in the special containers suitable for waste collection, in so doing I not only safeguard nature but also the beings who live there, then bringing the utmost respect for all animals. Furthermore, I avoid unnecessary consumption and waste.

Let’s take advantage of our chat to take a step back and go back to 2006, when – very young – you took part in Friends of Maria De Filippi.

Amici was certainly one of the best experiences, at the time I was only 19 and at that age finding myself catapulted into such a successful program was truly a great emotion. With Amici I started to make myself known by the general public, the same one that has continued to follow me for many years now and that continuously supports me, with some I have established wonderful relationships, they send me gifts, letters and are the first to buy my songs every time I publish them. Furthermore, with Amici I released my first single, Soli a mezzo.

About Half alone: you had an extraordinary success, especially if we think that back then the discography had many prejudices on artists coming from talent.

Exactly. Thanks to Amici I released this song which allowed me to win many important prizes, it remained for four months first in the charts and it became a hit as an Italian success of 2007. Seeing my first single at the top of the charts for so long and to collect all that success was a great emotion, almost unexpected, having not even won the program. Yet sometimes life manages to surprise you positively.

Recently, Friends has become Special Friends and is back on the air with some of the program’s most beloved faces. Would you like to participate again?

It sure would have been nice, coming back to Amici is a bit like coming home.

Manuel Aspidi photographed by Azzurra Primavera

Manuel Aspidi photographed by Azzurra Primavera

From 2009 onwards, discography has played a key role in the career of young people coming from talent. Do you think your artistic history would have been different if you had only participated in the program a few years later?

Probably yes, but I am happy with what I have achieved with determination and a lot of apprenticeship, which many do not have behind them and do not even know what it means.

FriendsHowever, it was not the only talent you took part in: a few years later you were one of the most loved faces of The Voice, competing in Raffaella Carrà’s team.

The Voice arrived exactly ten years after my participation in Amici. Let’s say it was a shock wave for me, I needed to be shaken and get back into the game after the many beautiful things done previously, and the talent managed to give me that emotional charge necessary to get me back on the right path. The voice was a great experience, working with Raffaella, a woman of great charisma, was really instructive and stimulating. Then, like any experience, it leaves a mark on your life path, teachings and memories that I will always carry with me.

I can’t help but ask you: Friends or The Voice?

Friends for sure. Not because The Voice wasn’t a good experience, simply because Amici was my baptism and I lived the experience every day, all day. Amici is a real war machine.

Let’s archive the talent parenthesis: in 2019, a new phase has opened for you, thanks to the international project Free (I’m Free), a ep of six songs.

My EP comes from a wonderful encounter I had with Phil Palmer. Thanks to Numa, my artistic director, and to my record company, Thomas Music & Art, a simple chat has become a beautiful project that lasted a whole year, which everyone can finally listen to today. The preciousness of this work are the prestigious names that are part of it, from Phil Palmer to Alan Clark (historical members of Dire Straits) to Julian Hinton and Micket Feat, great British professionals who boast collaborations with names of the caliber of Trevor Horn, Tina Turner , Seal and others.

Manuel Aspidi photographed by Azzurra Primavera

Manuel Aspidi photographed by Azzurra Primavera

Among the authors who wrote for you, I cannot fail to mention two intense and refined pens: Pierdavide Carone and Niccolò Agliardi.

Pierdavide Carone and Niccolò Agliardi are two great artists and friends, it was a pleasure to work with them, because they were able to fully tell what I wanted to express through my voice. I thank them very much for the trust and the beautiful friendship.

Look back: is there something you wouldn’t do or would you do differently?

I would honestly do it all again, perhaps with a different lightheartedness and fewer worries. I would live more in the moment instead of letting myself be carried away by unnecessary fears and anxieties.

Let’s look to the future now: what is your biggest dream today?

Duking with Stevie Wonder would be great, definitely performing overseas. as I should have done months. ago before Covid-19. and be able to go to the States.

We always end our interviews with this question: we call ourselves Digital Global Times and for us the word POP has a positive meaning, it represents something beautiful, captivating, trendy. What is POP for you?

For me, pop is a mix of colors and emotions, capable of making you smile, but also of making you move.

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