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POP interviews: Susanna Vianello, the daughter of art who loves being behind the scenes

The surname it should remind you of something. Daughter of art par excellence, born from the union of Wilma Goich and Edoardo Vianello, Susanna Vianello she tells us about her artistic inclinations, her hopes for the future and what is most dear to her. Unaware Twitstar, radio speaker and sincere friend: that’s who the eldest of the gods is Vianella!

Pop interviews: the words of Susanna Vianello

Let’s talk about art, you are the daughter of two great Italian song artists, Edoardo Vianello and Wilma Goich. Let’s start with the most inflated question, but necessary to start our chat: what was it like growing up in a family of singers?

When you are born the son of an artist, you are not aware of it, at least not when you are little. To me, my parents were two normal people who worked, just like everyone else. When at school they asked us: “What work do your parents do?”, I was the only one who answered “The singers!”. I didn’t realize they were known, I didn’t have the perception that others knew who they were. I started having that after, but I still didn’t understand what they meant to people before I was born. For me they were just mum and dad, however they are two very traditional parents, when I was a teenager they were also very strict.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of being a daughter of art.

Let’s start from an assumption: I never say whose daughter I am, I always say it after, never before. When I know someone, that’s the last thing they know about me. Sometimes they ask me: «Vianello like the singer? But are you relatives? ». Maybe I was wrong not to exploit my surname, many have done it, I haven’t. The pros? I don’t know, are there really pros, apart from having a dad who wrote so many great songs and a mom with a great voice? (laughs, ed) As far as I’m concerned, however, there were cons: having two famous parents blocked me. In the past I sang, today I am a radio speaker, I worked in the art world, mostly behind the scenes, but I always did it as a second job. The reason? So as not to hear me say «Easy for you who are” daughter of “!». Furthermore, my parents have always hindered me, they have always told me «Look, the world of music is difficult, we are from another period, now things have changed». My father always told me “Do a serious job and then all the rest!” Thinking back, there is a pro: I grew up in the midst of art, music, musicians! This is a pro, a great fortune.

Have you ever proposed a reality show as a “daughter of”?

No. I do not hide from you that, if they had proposed it to me, someone would have also done it …

Which one, for example?

Beijing Express I would, I would have so much fun! One I would never, ever do is the Island of the Famous! If they take away my food, I become a hyena, so absolutely not! Besides, I don’t even love the sun. I don’t demonize reality shows, I watch them, I don’t understand who criticizes them, they are part of our costume. You have to know how to look at them, of course. If you idealize the characters involved, the approach is wrong. They are people, beyond the work they do, and as such they must be evaluated. The same goes for talent. Today the problem is not only to succeed, but to maintain it, because there is too much stuff out there. On the radio, for example, I try to host many emerging young people because it is right to give them an opportunity, but there are many. If it were up to me, I would help many of them.

So let’s play a game: tell me three artists you would have liked to discover.

I start from a young artist who, I am convinced, will soon reach success, because he is really smart: his name is Fulminacci, he is an original singer-songwriter, he has something to say, unlike others who, although good, lack content. I think of Licitra, for example, winner of X-Factor: good, in tune, but without anything interesting to tell. The second name I give you is that of a young singer who is already very famous: it is Levante. Do you think I was working at Fiorello’s newsstand and, one day, I said to him: “Have you ever heard Levante?”, He replied no and then I showed him Alfonso’s video. Fiore fell in love with her and invited her to his newsstand! For the third name, well, I must admit that I wanted to be Maionchi, who is the one who discovered it: I am referring to Tiziano Ferro. I like him a lot, a great songwriter, but also a great man. A real person.

In short, yours is a life with one foot in show business and the other out …

That’s right. I don’t like to appear, I like TV behind the scenes, being in front of the cameras is not for me, I don’t wear makeup, I dress as I do, I don’t like being in the spotlight. The radio is my natural environment, there I can be myself, talk to the public, make known the music I like. Then, one day, I wouldn’t even mind producing some young artists. This is a dream I’d like to fulfill, who knows it won’t happen in the future.

Speaking of behind the scenes, during the latest edition of Big Brother Vip, you supported one of the most controversial and criticized characters on reality show: Jane Alexander. You managed his social networks during his time in the house.

I’ve known Jane for twenty-five years. Today we are no longer friends, precisely because of Big Brother! (smiles, ed) When she entered the house, she asked me to take care of her social networks; I did and I have often been in the studio to support it. When she entered, she was engaged to Gianmarco (Amicarelli, ed) and, together with him, I managed his social channels. The moment Jane’s relationship with Elia (Fongaro, ed) began, I found myself in a complicated situation. It wasn’t easy. When she went out with Elijah, I became her friend. When they broke up, my friendship with him continued and, inevitably, the one with Jane was wrecked. I love her very much, I hope she is well and that the choice she made will make her happy. One thing, however, I want to say …

You are welcome…

It’s all true. Nothing studied or prepared, what happened in the house is all real. So, for me on the outside, it was difficult to manage his social networks, with the rain of negative comments arriving every day. She couldn’t know what was going on outside, she could imagine it, yes, but she wasn’t fully aware of it.

How did Elia take Jane’s choice to return with Gianmarco?

Elia is young, he is twenty-eight, he was sorry at first, but then life goes on. Then he at the moment is very focused on his work, on his dreams. This is another reason why the relationship with Jane ended, after all the age difference was so great and this meant that they did not fully understand each other’s needs.

To close this parenthesis, I allow myself a small provocation: could jealousy for Elijah have influenced the end of your relationship with Jane?

Absolutely no, I am convinced of this. I simply believe that something broke when she returned with Gianmarco, with whom I had ended relations after it seemed that between them was over, and I remained friends with Elia, with whom she cut ties. That’s all. However we did not fight, we moved away, maybe one day we will meet again, who knows. I’m not angry with her, I love her very much, I don’t know about her, but that’s the way it is for me.

For us of Digital Global Times, the POP meaning represents something attractive, captivating, trendy. What is POP for you?

For me, pop is innovation, progress. Every now and then I hear “It was better before.” What do you say? But that’s not the case at all! I am against everything related to the old system. Pop is looking forward. Equally pop is also boredom. Better yet, it’s pop to have time to get bored. Today we have so many things that getting bored has become impossible. Here, I find boredom pop, which leads to think, create, question oneself. Getting bored slows down time and allows us to fully enjoy it. Pop is also reading a good book. Ah… can I say one last thing?


Pop is the people who can write in Italian! Today we no longer know how to write and speak, I love words, knowing how to use our language is extraordinary. If I get a message written in an ungrammatical way, I will not answer! If I know a man I like but doesn’t write correctly, he’s done with me! (laughs, ed)

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