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Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein


Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein was a widely respected educator and public speaker. Despite his illness, he was active in many ways. He established schools, educational programs and other opportunities. His dedication to Klal Yisroel was unparalleled, but he unfortunately did not live to see the full fruit of those efforts. Here are some of his accomplishments and contributions. Let us begin by reviewing his most famous works.


As a father to two girls from Ohr Naava, Rabbi Wallerstein was an inspiring role model. His philanthropic efforts and generosity have made an incredible impact on the lives of many girls, from disadvantaged backgrounds to those from broken homes. The work of the foundation is ongoing, with a budget of $6.3 million. And though it is difficult to imagine, his name will live on through the work of the girls he touched.

 Inspirational Lectures

Rabbi Wallerstein is known for teaching people how to express their gratitude to Hashem and to be thankful to everyone. He also inspired his students by explaining that no one was unworthy of love. His inspirational lectures at the Beth Gavriel Community Center inspired thousands of people. His teachings have given value to Jewish ideals and life itself. He was an excellent bad cop, but a good one.

Torah education

Rabbi Wallerstein’s influence on the Jewish people will live on forever. His vision for Torah education inspired people to pursue innovative ideas and to challenge the status quo. His commitment to women and the Jewish community made him a sought-after speaker. It is an honor to learn from his exemplary work. The world has lost a great rabbi. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your next career, or just want to read his inspirational quotes, Rabbi Wallerstein will be missed.

Soft Corner for Women

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein’s life began when he was 20 years old. While he taught in yeshivas in Brooklyn, he also worked in a Jewish girl’s school and later on, the Jewish Girl’s School. Later, he went on to found the Ohr Naava women’s institute in Brooklyn. His dedication to his profession made him a beloved educator in the community. He married his wife Estee in 1978 and had five daughters with her. While he never revealed any information about his personal life on social media, he would consult with Harav Dovid Cohen and Rabbi Feinstein OBM before a class was held.

 Ohr Naava

Rabbi Wallerstein’s vocation to serve women led him to create Ohr Naava, a community for Jewish women that offers education and social events. The organization offers weekly classes, Shabbatons, and growth-oriented experiences. It is a testament to Wallerstein’s unique approach to spiritual growth and healing. It’s a rare rabbinic institution that can help transform the lives of so many people.

The levayah

The levayah will be held at Ohr Naava, 2201 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. The kevurah will be conducted in Eretz Yisrael. Charlie Harary is the guest of honor. His kevurah is at noon. It will be a wonderful remembrance of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein in the community.

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