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ray nagin net worth

Ray Nagin is an American Politician who earned his fortune by being the 60th Mayor of New Orleans. He is a member of the Democratic Party and was elected in 2002. He served in the city’s purchasing department before becoming Mayor in 2010. In 2003, he endorsed Bobby Jindal, who later won the governorship of Louisiana. During his early years, Ray worked in the purchasing department of General Motors in Detroit. He also has a net worth of $2.1 million.

During his early years, Ray Nagin was active in politics and wrote a book called Katrina Secrets. However, in 2014, he was charged with 21 charges of bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering. His crimes involved the bribery of city contractors in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He was sentenced to ten years in federal prison, but he was able to avoid conviction because of his criminal record.

In 2010, Ray Nagin was elected as the 60th mayor of the city of New Orleans. He has since become more famous for his role in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina, which struck the city in 2005. Before his career in politics, he graduated from Tuskegee University. He then worked in the purchasing department of General Motors. He has also written books like Katrina Secrets: The Storms Behind the Storms.

Ray Nagin is a member of the Democratic Party. He served as the 60th Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana from 2002 to 2010. In the past, he has been a prominent member of Louisiana politics. He also served as a candidate for the governor’s office in 2003, where he endorsed Bobby Jindal. His net worth is unknown at the moment, but we can expect him to be rich by 2021.

Ray Nagin’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2020. He has a wiki and multiple social media accounts. He has also been a mayor since 2002 and was elected in 2006. His career has helped him establish his reputation, but it’s difficult to find out if he has a secretive income. The average person has a small salary, but in America, the salaries are not too high.

Ray Nagin is a politician and a treatment consultant. He was the 60th Mayor of New Orleans from 2002 to 2010 and earned a net worth of $1.5 million. Although he is well-known in the entertainment industry, he prefers to keep his private life a secret. He has no children and does not have a significant amount of money. The average person’s networth is around $1.

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