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Raymond A Huger is an American businessman, who is married to Karen Huger. He is 72 years old and is the CEO of Paradigm Solutions International Incorporation. He is an African-American and belongs to the zodiac sign of Libra. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and is a resident of the United States. As of the year 2022, he will be 75 years old.

In 1946, Raymond A Huger was born. He is an Afro-American and is currently residing in New Jersey. His ancestry traces back to the 19th century, when he emigrated to the United States. The businessman is an African-American, and holds the American nationality. As of this writing, his ages are listed in chronological order. In addition to his age, he is also a married man.

The businessman Raymond Huger is an influential and successful entrepreneur. He is a Libra zodiac sign and weighs around 154 pounds (70 kilograms). He is a married man and has three children with Karen. His daughter is named Rayvin and his son is named Brandon. Although his biological son is not named Brandon, he is still very confident and happy in himself. It is also unknown how much wealth he earns, or whether he has a girlfriend.

While many people admire Raymond Huger’s business successes, they may not know his personal life. He married his long-term girlfriend, Karen, in 1996. The couple have two children together, Rayvin and Brandon. The two are very dedicated to their family and do not engage in social media platforms. However, Karen Huger is active on Instagram, where she has 394k followers and 1119 posts. So, while we’re not sure what he is doing, we can at least assume that he is very happy and very confident at 75 years old.

Raymond Huger was born in the United States in 1946. He is a Libra. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He is a successful entrepreneur and has been married to Karen for over twenty years. They have two children. While their children don’t know their parents, they love them very much. The couple is very close and enjoys their time together. The family’s success is their priority, so they are happy with their home and their job.

Despite his amazing career, Raymond Huger has a great relationship with his wife Karen. The couple met in their early 30s and were married in 1996. The couple has two children together: Rayvin and Brandon. Though not their biological children, the couple shares a very close bond. He is 75 years old and weighs 78 kg. He has a son and a daughter who are both very successful.

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