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Rea Garvey: The Singer’s Fortune

How rich is Rea Garvey?

Although the band Reamonn, whose front man Rea Garvey was for a long time, split up in 2010, the Irish-born singer and guitarist has found his great happiness. On the one hand, the star is a few million euros. On the other hand, he lives with his great love and the couple also have a daughter. Rea grew up in Ireland and then came to Germany at the age of 25. Here he initially earned money as a roadie and selling t-shirts at festivals. The cherished Rea Garvey’s net worth is 7.5 million euros.

Great success with Reamonn

Income from Rea Garvey
But Rea Garvey also wanted to go on stage himself instead of earning a living as a sidekick for other artists. Therefore, today’s family man gave an advertisement in a newspaper to find supporters for his future band Reamonn. A little later, the band, consisting of Rea Garvey himself, Philipp Rauenbusch, Uwe Bossert, Sebastian Padotzke and Mike Gommeringer, found each other. Incidentally, the son of a police officer has also looked for collaboration with other artists on many other music projects.

At the show “Alive and Swinging”, for example, the Irishman was on stage with German showbiz greats such as Sasha, Xavier Naidoo and Michael Mittermeier, who presented classics from the Rat Pack together. The gala was entirely in the star of the “Saving an Angel” foundation by Rea. Rea Garvey no longer only earns his money on stage, but also behind the scenes as a songwriter. For example, the artist wrote the lyrics for “Sweetest Poison” by Nu Pagadi. The song “Ready Steady Go”, which Elli has interpreted, also comes from his pen.

Rea Garvey and his solo career

Rea Garvey's fortune
2006 was another very successful year for Rea Garvey. At that time, the singer was able to storm the charts together with Nelly Furtado. They achieved this with their joint version of “All Good Things (Come to an End)”. In 2007 he worked with Paul van Dyk on the title “Let Go”. Rea also immortalized himself on the soundtrack to the hit film “Keinohrhasen” by German cinema star Til Schweiger. In addition to his musical hits, many people in Germany now know the Irish mainly from television.

In 2010 he was allowed to sit next to Joy Denalane and Stefan Raab on the jury of the show “Our Star for Oslo” and help with the search for the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year. Also in 2010 there was a collaboration with Mary J. Blige in the form of the song “Each Tear”. The Irishman finally released his first solo album in 2011. The year should also come to an eventful end, as the family man was in the from November to the following February “The Voice of Germany” jury sat.

The Voice of Germany

In the second, fourth and fifth season of the TV format, Rea Garvey also took part, and he even won the second season with his candidate Nick Howard. By 2018, the artist had released four solo albums, all of which made it into the top 5 of the charts. Rea Garvey also enjoys working with other musicians, for example with Kool Savas in “Is it Love?”. In 2019 it was announced that Rea Garvey was returning to The Voice. In the ninth season of 2019, he will work as a coach alongside Mark Forster, Alice Merton and Sido.

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