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renda st clair

Renda St. Clair is an American actress who was born on June 21, 1986. She grew up in Bartonville, Texas. Before entering the acting world, she was a professional secretary and supporter of her husband’s career. The two also joined a lawsuit against a water tower but later dropped out. Her net worth is estimated at $130 million. She is a popular figure on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Renda St. Clair is a proud mother of two grown sons. She shares a son with Rex Tillerson from her previous marriage and a daughter from her current marriage. Despite her long-running career, Renda St. Clair remains active in politics and show business. She is a frequent user of social media and is known to be lucky with the number five and the color blue.

During her first marriage, Renda St. Clair met her husband Rex Tillerson, an oil executive. The couple married on June 21, 1986, in Harris County, Texas. Together, they have four children. In addition to their political career, Renda St. Clair has been active in politics. She has two sons from her previous marriage. Her husband is a successful businessman, and she has become an influential figure in both sectors of society.

Renda St. Clair’s first marriage ended in divorce. She met Rex Tillerson again after his first. They married in 1986, in Harris County, Texas. They have two sons, but have not revealed their names. She has spent most of her life as a supporter for her husband. However, her career has made her a celebrity and she is still putting in hard work to make herself a successful woman.

Renda St. Clair and Rex Tillerson have been married for 32 years. They have two children from their previous marriage. Their children were born in Houston and they are both from Texas. The couple have a son, Tyler, whom they married in 1987. They live in the same state as their former spouse. The couple has one daughter. They have a son, who is married to Rex Tillerson.

Renda St. Clair was born in Bartonville, Texas. She had no children while she was single. She married Rex Tillerson in 1986 and has two children from her first marriage. Her husband is an ex-politician who was appointed by President Donald Trump. Besides being an actress, Renda St. Clair also has a successful business. She owns a ranch in Texas and trains cattle and cutting horses.

Renda St. Clair met Rex Tillerson in 1986. After their first marriage, she married Rex Tillerson, who is an oil executive. In addition to her husband, Rex and Renda had three children together. Both are deeply involved in show business, but have remained secretive about their personal lives. After all, they’re married to famous businessmen. While Rex and Renda St. Clair are a power couple, but their love for each other is not only mutual.

Renda St. Clair is a successful businesswoman with a net worth of $300 million. She is married to Rex Tillerson, who is a former oil industry executive. She and Rex are parents of four children. Her husband is an active member of the community and is a businessman. He also has two sons from his previous marriage. Both of these couples share a philanthropic lifestyle.

The two were married in 1986 in Texas. Her first marriage ended in 1994, and she has been a part of politics since. The couple has two children. Their net worth has steadily increased with the arrival of their sons. Both Renda St. Clair and Rex Tillerson are in the show business. But the two are not a perfect match. Nevertheless, their love story is quite unique.

Renda St. Clair is a married woman. She and her husband own Bar RR Ranches LLC in Bartonville, Texas, and they are focused on raising and showing Cutting Horses. Her husband Rex Tillerson has a net worth of $20 million. They have four children together and are co-owners of Bar RR Ranches LLC. In 2012, Renda St. Clair received the Fern Sawyer Award from the Cowgirl Museum.

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