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Rewinside (Sebastian Meyer): Assets & Earnings

How much money does Rewinside have?

Rewinside, bourgeois Sebastian Meyer, has been active as a YouTuber since 2013. He now has over 3.2 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 1.8 billion times. This makes him one of the most popular German-speaking content creators on the video platform. He also produces under the name notsocool Music and occasionally performs as a DJ. The cherished Rewinside’s assets are € 1.5 million.

The merit of Rewinside

Income from Rewinside
Rewinside earns most of its money as a YouTuber. He founded his YouTube channel on July 5, 2013, laying the foundation for his current fortune. He has now published more than 5,000 videos that have been viewed over 1.8 billion times. He comes to one every month YouTube earnings of 33,000 euros. In addition to the advertising income that he receives from YouTube, he is also financially supported by companies. In August 2019, for example, he signed a sponsorship contract with HyperX. Among other things, he appears as a testimonial for the manufacturer of gaming equipment at trade fairs. This allows him to further expand his wealth.

Other sources of income

Rewinside has a number of pillars and receives its income from various sources. As a trained real estate agent, Rewinside uses its knowledge in this area and regularly invests in real estate. This enables him to diversify and increase his wealth. He also receives fees for his appearances as a DJ. With his label Space Music Records he produces the music of newcomers in the electronic field. He also participates in their financial success.

Having fun with friends turns into a job

Sebastian Meyer alias Rewinside has been interested in video games since he was at school. The first game he got excited about was Age of Empires. After graduating from school, he began training as a real estate agent. One evening in 2012 he saw a video on YouTube of the streamer Gronkh Minecraft played. Rewinside didn’t know the game, but was immediately fascinated by it. He decided not only to play it himself with friends, but also to record the sessions and publish them on YouTube. Since the growth of the canal was limited in the beginning, he concentrated on his training and also finished it. Only then did he sign one Contract with the YouTuber network Divimove.

Known & successful through the YouTube house

Merit from Rewinside
In November In 2014, Rewinside moved into the YouTube house. At the time, the streamers Dner, Unge, Noushka, Ardy and Taddl lived in the apartment building in Cologne. At the same time as Rewinside, Paluten also moved into the house. The residents produced YouTube videos separately but also together, which was extremely beneficial to their awareness. This marked the beginning of a successful YouTube career for Sebastian Meyer and the fortune that came with it. In September 2015, Rewinside joined the TubeOne network. In July 2016, he moved out of the YouTube house again. Instead, he rented an office with Paluten, Dner, Izzi and Sturmwaffel. This they called UFO what for Ultra fat office was standing. In November 2016, Rewinside changed its network again and went to Studio71. At the end of 2016 he founded a community server. There he played with his fans and also recorded his Let’s Plays. However, he took the server offline in March 2021.

Live streamer and music producer

At the end of 2018, Rewinside finally moved into its own office. In the meantime, he doesn’t just publish videos in which he is Minecraft plays, but also other games. There are also vlogs and reaction videos. He also streams live on Twitch several times a week. To be an annual institution 24-hour charity stream that he uses to collect donations for a charitable project. In addition to his work as a streamer, Rewinside is also active as a music producer and DJ. In this area he appears with the name notsocool on. In 2018 he released the song King Of My Castle as well as the EP Zero Ducks Given out. He has been running the Space Music Records label since 2020. He has already celebrated a few successes in his career and there are sure to be many more to come! This will also further increase Rewinside’s assets.

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rewinside [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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