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Riccanza Deluxe: Who are the protagonists? Cast with Biographies and Work

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Riccanza Deluxe: Who are the protagonists?  Cast with Biographies and Work

Riccanza Deluxe is the name with which the Riccanza edition aired in autumn 2019 was called. “Deluxe” version since the protagonists of this season have been taken from past editions and have been joined by new offspring. In fact, Riccanza takes care of following the luxurious life of wealthy young Italians between luxury, fun and everyday life. From this program the fame of Elettra Miura Lamborghini was born. The program went on air starting from 8 October 2019 on MTV.

The cast of Riccanza Deluxe is provided by seven characters who have animated the episodes involving more and more the public between controversies and benefits of a life “rich”!

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Riccanza Deluxe: Cast and Protagonists

Who were the protagonists of Riccanza Deluxe? Let’s see the biographies of all the characters who represent the wealthy Italian offspring. By clicking on the name you can read the full biography!

Farid Shirvani is the son of a famous Persian builder. He has already been the protagonist of other editions of Riccanza including the previous one which saw him as protagonist together with Juan Fran Sierra (Claudio Sona’s ex-boyfriend). Farid studies economics and commerce at the Catholic University of Milan, has a real passion for luxury watches and for the Air Jordan brand. He loves to have fun, he’s sunny, but in the season he was engaged to ex Naomi, he seemed to have put his head right. Now he’s back to being a party animal always in search of love and a soul mate.

The Morosi Visentin sisters they are Alessia and Giorgia very close to each other but completely different in character. The family owns a chain of Low Cost clothing which has established itself internationally. There was a lot of discussion about the phrase that the girls said that “the poor” spend money in their shops to make them rich. Alessia graduated from Luic and already works in the family business while Giorgia has just graduated from Bocconi. They share a passion for figure skating and for parties spiced up with a luxurious life.

Tommaso Zorzi is one of the main protagonists of Riccanza as well as one of the most famous characters of the program. Tommaso graduated from London in Economics and Management but now that he has returned to live in Milan he has entered the world of entertainment. First he was sent for the Sanremo festival then he participated in the Beijing Express with Paola Caruso, in the Dance Dance Dance program until he became one of the best known faces of the cast of Riccanza. One of his famous relationships was that with Iconize alias Marco Ferrero.

Camilla Neuroni she is a model and presenter who also works for Sky where she conducts some sports programs. Studied Business Administration in one of the most prestigious universities in London. He created a jewelry line and has made her way into show business from the age of 16 first as a model then as a host. Unlike some of Riccanza’s other competitors, she is a working girl who loves her job. He has over 300 pairs of shoes and when there is too much traffic… he prefers to travel by helicopter!

Nicolò Ferrari is a scion of a Milanese family engaged in the infrastructure sector, leads a comfortable life and is already known to the public for having participated first in Men and Women as a suitor of Nilufar Addati and later in Temptation Island Vip. In both cases, the boy made himself known for his sensitivity and for wanting to really fall in love. In the first season of the program he had a short flirtation with Anna Fongaro and now he is single again in search of love! In life Nicolò works as a model and influencer but is also about to graduate in Law.

Aaron Nielsen is a new entrant of this edition. Son of the famous Brigitte Nielsen, the boy fully enters Riccanza also due to the social status of his father Raoul Meyer who has a leading company in the beverage sector. Aaron has already participated in the Famous 2019 Island where he finished fifth, but he realized that his whole personality did not come out in that program. Instead in Riccanza he had a very positive experience and he felt himself. AND? engaged for over three years to a girl he is very close to: Francesca La Selva.

Cristel Isabel Marcon is a young entrepreneur who loves her job and who has studied hard to achieve her goals: her LinkedIn profile is very rich and talks about digital creator, brand reputation, and artistic direction for several important brands. He also created his first line of jewelry called Paper Chic which has the distinction of being entirely made with the technique of the Laser Cut. She is very religious and dreams of marriage despite being single for several years, in fact she will totally grant herself only to the man who will take her to the altar!

Mattia Mustica he is the son of entrepreneurs from Grottaferrata, where he owns a villa with swimming pool. Despite his young age (22 years) he works as a Deejay and as a Producer being greatly passionate about music. He loves luxury cars (his parents gave him a Jaguar on his birthday) and Rolex watches, so much so that on important occasions he wears two: one on each wrist. His wealth comes from his grandfather, who dealt with the sale of luxury properties in the city of Rome. Mattia has been engaged for years to a girl named Andrea and the two travel the world together traveling.

Other protagonists of the past editions:

Elvezia was one of the most important protagonists of the past editions. Defined as “the rock princess”, Elvezia was born in Naples but lives in Briaza in a wonderful villa owned by her parents. Her passions are all aimed at sport: running, fitness, gym but above all horse riding which for Elvezia is a real vocation. His father is Carlo Pappone, a well-known heart surgeon. She works in the family business from 6.30 to 16.30, proving that even a rock princess can have a normal job!

Juan Fran Sierra is originally from Barcelona and manages the international communication of Dolce & Gabbana. Juan was engaged for a certain period of time with Stefano Gabbana but some viewers remember him for having been widely mentioned during the throne of Claudio Sona. In fact, the boy had been accused by Mario Serpa during the throne of still having a relationship with his ex-boyfriend Juan Fran (the two also have an identical tattoo that appeared during the filming of U&D). In the program, Riccanza Juan showed off for his eccentricity, his style and his self-centeredness. In particular, Juan is currently one of the best known faces of the Milanese nightlife and among his friendships he boasts that with Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi.

Angelo Fasciana is originally from Gela. He participates in the program together with his cousin Antonio Ferraro with whom he shares the family heritage. After studying Engineering in Milan Angelo decides to return to his native land and open a recording studio complete with a record label inside his villa. In fact, in his huge house he has a theater of two thousand seats that overlooks the sea. And friend of Andrea Damante and he is engaged to a girl named Marika.

Antonio participates in the reality show together with his cousin Angelo Fasciana with whom it shares the assets. Both boys are extremely rich but unlike Angelo, Antonio loves the Milanese nightlife and has chosen to continue living in the fashion capital. Very obsessed with aesthetics and physical appearance, Antonio has stated that for the moment he does not want to bond with a particular person but have multiple girls at the same time. In fact, women, together with the gym and discos, are a real passion for him!

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