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Richard Jefferson Gay


Richard Jefferson’s past relationship problems have been publicized as he was married to several women. In one instance, he was engaged to dancer Kesha Nichols, but they called it off two hours before the ceremony. In another instance, he was dating Jennie Finch, a former first baseman and softball pitcher from Arizona University. The two started dating during their college days, but the relationship ended when Jefferson decided to join the NBA.

Richard Jefferson Marriage

Previously, Jefferson was married to Jennie Finch, a former University of Arizona teammate. The two broke up in 2001 after Jefferson was traded to the New Jersey Nets. After separating, he dated dancer Kesha Nichols for five years. The two were set to wed in July 2009, but that was before the news broke. But what is the truth? Who is Richard Jeremiah Finch?

Dated Several Times

Jefferson has dated several women before his marriage with Kesha. Before getting engaged to Kesha, he had a relationship with Jennie Finch, a former college softball player. The two were engaged to be married in July 2009, but their relationship lasted only until January of the following year. Their wedding was a huge disappointment and they decided to break up. However, the courtship sparked a controversy, and many questioned whether the NBA star was gay.

Rumor of Having a Mistress

During their relationship, the two were married before Kesha announced her split from Richard Jefferson. The two were married for five years, and were still living together when Kesha was rumored to have a mistress. He and Kesha split in February of 2016. Despite the scandal surrounding the duo, the couple has two children together. The eldest, Zaria Lourenco Noel, was born in 2010 and is currently single.

Richard Jefferson Divorce

After their divorce, the New York Post reported that Jefferson and Kesha were gay. The couple had planned to marry before the marriage, but it was soon discovered that they had no children. The two had already split up and had plans for a $500,000 wedding. They also had tickets to see Michael Jackson’s comeback concert in London, a show that has since become a sensation. While he denied his sexuality, his split was a blow to his fiance’s hopes of a happy life.

Dated a Softball Player

Before meeting Kesha, Jefferson dated a softball player named Jennie Finch. They met during their college years and dated for a while. The two were even rumored to be gay before they got married. They both denied being gay but reportedly broke up before the wedding. In the end, the couple had a “happy and exciting” relationship. Although the two had a child together, the couple decided to separate.


In addition to his dating life, Jefferson has a number of other relationships. He co-hosts the Road Trippin’ podcast with Channing Frye and Allie Cliffton, both of whom are famous for being lesbians. The two also have two children. It’s important to note that Jefferson and Teresa are not related, but they are not related to each other. They met in high school.

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