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Rick Ness: Net Worth and Earnings as a Gold Prospector

How much money does Rick Ness have?

Rick Ness is an American who grew up with construction machinery in his area. Nevertheless, in his childhood it was not really foreseeable which path he would take. The talented footballer had to end his career after an injury. He then became a musician and met the gold prospector Parker Schnabel during a tour. This encounter should change his life. From season 3, Rick Ness became part of the series Alaska Gold Rush. As a gold prospector and star of the series, he became a millionaire. Rick Ness’s estimated net worth is $ 2.5 million.

Childhood and family construction business

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Rick Ness was born on March 5th, 1981 in Escanaba, Michigan. There he grew up and spent his childhood and youth. Together with his twin brother, he learned how to handle heavy machinery in the family construction company at an early age. He did not have any experience in gold mining. However, since the machines used in construction and gold mining are similar, he acquired the basic knowledge that was given to him in the series Alaska Gold Rush should help.

Sports career and musician

During his time in college, the young American focused on college football. His dream was a professional career. But at the beginning of his career he suffered a serious head injury. The dream of a professional career was over and a plan B was needed for Rick Ness. He joined the band 357 Stringband early on and became a musician. When he went to a concert as a young man, he saw the band 357 Stringband, among others – but Rick Ness found the musician on bass terrible and applied himself as a replacement. He took his chance and is still 357 member of the Stringband.

The beginnings of the gold rush in Alaska

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Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel met by chance. The two men were sympathetic and had a long conversation. The musician Ness expressed an interest in working as a gold prospector. In the third season, Nick Ress came to the series Alaska Gold Rush. He started his career in the Schnabel team as a truck and bulldozer driver, as he was already familiar with heavy machinery on the construction site. Over time, Ness continued to develop his skills. Due to his rapid learning progress and great motivation, Parker Schnabel promoted him to foreman. During the adventure in the jungle, Rick Ness resigned from Schnabel’s team. However, this should not end his career as a gold prospector Alaska Gold Rush being.

To assets with your own claim

One of the founding fathers of the television series Todd Hoffmann announced his departure at the end of the eighth season Alaska Gold Rush. The former foreman at Parker led his own team from season nine. I.In the first year, his team mined over 1,100 ounces of gold at the Quartz Creek claim. In season ten, Rick Ness hiked to a new claim in the Keno City area. However, his team only mined half the ounces from the previous year. In the spin-off Gold Rush: Parker’s Klondike Adventure (Gold Rush: Parkers Trail) Rick Ness is on the road with Parker Schnabel to follow in the footsteps of the first gold prospectors. In the different seasons the team led through the Guyana jungle, New Guinea and Australia.

series Mining claim Yield (ounces) Value of gold (at the time)
9 Quartz Creek 1105 $ 1.3 million
10 Duncan Creek 547 $ 0.9 million
11th Duncan Creek 1,080 $ 1.9 million

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