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RIN (Renato Simunovic): The rapper’s fortune & income

How much money does RIN have?

RIN appeared on the German rapeseed scene in 2017. Since then he has released two albums and a mixtape. Many of his singles have landed in the top 10 of the German, Austrian and Swiss charts and have been awarded gold or even platinum records due to their remarkable sales success. The cherished RIN’s assets are 2.5 million euros.

RIN’s revenue streams

Income from RIN
The rapper RIN earns his money with his music. By the end of 2019, six of his singles had been awarded a gold record for at least 200,000 copies sold. Three more got for Even awarded a platinum record for over 400,000 sales. His album Eros was also sold over 100,000. In total, RIN has sold more than 2.5 million records to date. There are also streams on various platforms. The song alone Dior 2001 was streamed more than 83 million times on Spotify, and eleven other tracks recorded double-digit million values ​​on the service. With the income from his music, RIN is steadily expanding his fortune.

Beginnings in the rap business

RIN alias Renato Simunovic started rapping in 2012. His first track Communion he brought out in 2014 and thus laid the foundation for his current fortune. Together with the rapper Caz, he released the single in 2015 Ljubav / confessional. Then the producer The Breed became aware of the two. He worked for the label of Xatar Alles oder Nix Records and produced an EP with RIN and Caz. However, this was never published. RIN was then signed by the Live from Earth label. With Yung Hurn he recorded the EP Mafia of love which, however, did not come onto the market either. After all, the single came out in May 2016 Bianco which became a respectable success for RIN and Yung Hurn.

Breakthrough with the debut album

In March 2017, RIN was able to place a single in the German charts for the first time. Doverstreet landed on rank 81. A month later, the song rose Bros on place 27. In May 2017, RIN switched to the Division Recordings label. In August 2017 made his single Monica Bellucci even ranked 15th in Germany. RIN’s debut album Eros appeared in September 2017. In Germany it reached third place on the sales list, stayed in the charts for more than six months and was ultimately awarded a gold record. It was ranked sixth in Austria and eighth in Switzerland. Won at the end of 2017 Eros the 1LIVE Krone as the best album.

The first platinum plate

Merit of RIN
RIN released the mixtape in June 2018 Planet Megatron which landed in the top 20 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All five single releases also made it into the German charts at least. To date RIN’s greatest success Dior 2001. The song managed to jump to number 4 in the German and Swiss and 6th place on the Austrian hit list. In total, it has sold over 430,000 times and has been awarded platinum in Germany and Austria. With the sales proceeds, RIN was also able to further increase its assets.

RIN lands hits in the top 10

In May 2019 came with the single Vintage the first harbinger for RIN’s new album Neverland published in December 2019. It included features with other artists for the first time. Bausa, Bilderbuch, Sido and Luciano are represented on some tracks. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the long-playing record rose to number 3 in the charts and stayed in the sales lists for months. Five songs on the album reached the top 10 in Germany, and the rapper received a gold record for four.

Up in smoke was even able to conquer second place in the German and Austrian charts. By January 2021, RIN brought the singles The race, Ayo Technology and Dirty South in the German sales list without them being included on a long-playing record. With Ufo361 he published the in March 2021 song Low life, which reached rank 3 in Germany. It was the second collaboration between the two rappers after the single Next in April 2019 also landed on the third place in the German charts. His third studio album was released in October 2021 Town.

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