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Rita Ora is sued for $ 2.4 million by Roc Nation

Rita Ora net worth
Rita Ora could face some very uncomfortable times. Then Roc Nation is currently suing them for $ 2.4 million. The singer’s career had once started so promisingly. The 25-year-old artist has been under contract with the entertainment label Roc Nation, which belongs to the cult rapper Jay Z, for a while. Until now she has Despite their 7-year contract, only one album was released. The singer is currently more known for her topless cover in a French magazine than for her singing skills. But her career has not only turned out differently than the record bosses had imagined. Because Rita herself was dissatisfied and sued Roc Nation last summer because of the alleged mismanagement of her career.

Lawsuit and counterclaims

Roc Nation filed a lawsuit against the artist last week and now wants $ 2.4 million from her. The lawsuit filed the label with the Manhattan Surpreme Court, responding to the lawsuit filed by Ora in California. In it, the singer denounced that the label had concentrated more and more on athletes and less on its musical talents, so that she herself fell by the wayside. Because of these alleged changes and restructuring at Roc Nation, many of the record bosses left the label themselves, so that in the end there was no one left who Rita had previously worked with. Rita’s contract with the label also runs until 2019, so she is not allowed to get involved with another label in the meantime. With the lawsuit, Rita Ora wanted to free herself from this contract in order to be able to start again as a musician.

Jay-Z merit
Roc Nation doesn’t want to know anything about it. The label says it has already spent over $ 2 million in production and marketing costs on the singer’s second album, which has still not been released. Rita’s lawyer is said to have already announced that Jay Z himself had promised that Rita would be released from her contract. Roc Nation’s lawsuit persists, however, as it is a response to the singer’s own lawsuit. Due to the close cooperation between Sony Music and Roc Nation and the business relationships that are very important for the label, Sony Roc Nation was able to force it to file a lawsuit. The outcome of this lawsuit and counterclaim is likely to be determined primarily by Sony Music.

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