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The Net Worth of Roger Miklos

The net worth of Roger Miklos is estimated to be over $1 million. He is a retired cop and a treasure hunter who appeared in the hit TV show “Cooper’s Treasure.” Miklos is also a father to two daughters and a resigned cop. Despite the huge net worth, he has never made any announcements about his possessions or lifestyle. This may be due to his private nature.

Darrell Miklos is a treasure hunter

Darrell Miklos is a treasure huntsman who has found buried shipwrecks and rediscovered gold, as well as numerous other relics. He has a long family history of underwater discoveries, and was tasked with recovering pieces of eight from the shoreline of the Treasure Coast while on his father’s boat. In season two, Miklos and his crew find a shipwreck anchor and have to return it to its underwater resting place.

The television personality, Darrell Miklos, is the co-founder of the company Gemini Marine Exploration, specializing in the recovery of historic shipwrecks. Miklos has a net worth of $2 million, earning around $30,000 per episode. He is married and has two daughters. He keeps his family away from the media, but occasionally shares pictures of his family on social media sites. However, Darrell Miklos is best known for his TV show “Cooper’s Treasure.”

He appeared in “Cooper’s Treasure”

While a veteran of television series like Lost in the Sea, Roger Miklos played the role of the treasure hunter Darrell Miklos. The two starred in the movie Cooper’s Treasure and became fast friends. Miklos was 76 years old when he died from a heart attack. He died in Iraan, Texas. The episode is still being filmed, but Miklos had left behind a significant legacy.

Before he appeared on television, Roger Miklos had met Gordon Cooper. In fact, he first appeared on the late astronaut’s show Merv Griffin in 1978. For the next few decades, he was a regular on Cooper’s Treasure. However, he later stepped aside from the series after his father’s death and left his work to his son. Although he was a treasure hunter, Darrell Miklos had become a television personality after cooper’s death.

He had two daughters

In addition to his wife, Roger Miklos had two daughters, Darrell. He was an interesting man with an interesting circle of friends. In 1978, he was booked on a Merv Griffin talk show. The two children were fascinated by their father’s career and once hid on the back of his boat while his father was looking for gold coins. Their relationship was complicated because their father was a conman who lied and took advantage of people.

While working as a treasure hunter, Roger Miklos’s wife and two daughters were his life’s passion. Miklos became a regular on the Discovery Channel’s Cooper’s Treasure and appeared on Merv Griffin Show. He also recovered artifacts from a 1622 treasure ship called the Atocha. They are now valued at $60 million. His work on these discoveries earned him a spot on the Discovery Channel’s Cooper’s Treasure.

He was a resigned cop

In the 1970’s, Roger Miklos was a police officer, serving in Nassau, Arrowhead, and Reno. He then retired to pursue his interest in treasure hunting. His pursuit led him to meet people like Kip Wagner and Astronaut Gordon Cooper. Although he has since passed away, his story has become legend. Here are some of the things you should know about Roger Miklos. After all, he was a cop, and he worked for the police!

A resigned cop, Roger Miklos had a colorful life. He started as a street urchin, and served in better places during his residency. His parents, William and Marie, raised him in Cleveland, Ohio. He was married twice, and had four children with his first wife. His children are Darrell, Laurie, and Kelly. However, his time as a cop was not without its perks.

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