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Rolf Eden: The entrepreneur’s fortune

How much money does Rolf Eden have?

Rolf Eden is a German entrepreneur who has made a good fortune as a nightclub owner. The Berlin Playboy has become known with his white suit and love for women. The welcome money from the Federal Republic of Germany in the amount of 6,000 marks opened the way for him to his own bar in Berlin’s nightlife – the Eden Saloon. The cherished Rolf Eden’s net worth is 200 million euros.

Childhood and adolescence

Income from Rolf Eden
Rolf Eden was one of two sons in a Jewish family in Berlin. The family of the Berliner, who was born in 1930, fled back to Israel at a young age. Rolf Eden left the school there at the age of 14 without a degree – from then on he earned his living as a musician in Israel. In addition he fought in the Israeli military in the first Arab-Israeli war. After the war I went back to Europe. In Paris, Eden stayed afloat with various jobs. Among other things, he hired himself as a chauffeur, waiter, musician or film statistic. Later he went to Berlin, where he was initially supposed to work as a night porter.

6000 Deutsche Mark welcome money

Basically, the fortune of the Berlin playboy today is based on the welcome money from the Federal Republic of Germany. When he returned to Berlin in 1956, he received a welcome fee of 6,000 euros – a short time beforehand, the city of Berlin promised to pay out a welcome sum to every West Berliner living abroad. After various temporary jobs, the longed-for came a year later Welcome money that Rolf Eden invested directly in his own night club – the beginning of an eventful life around the Berlin club culture.

Rolf Eden’s beginnings in Berlin nightlife

The 6,000 euro welcome money was probably the best investment by the German playboy. He opened the Eden Saloon, which would later be called the Old Eden. In the decades that followed numerous club openings followed. His business concept in Berlin nightlife was based on bare skin. The waitresses worked bare chests and provided the male guests with drinks. The Berlin high society frequented his establishments and celebrated wild parties. Gradually, Eden sold its clubs after the reunification. With the sale of the Berlin cult disco Big Eden in 2002, an era in nightlife came to an end. None of his clubs survived – with a new owner, bankruptcy was not long in coming.

The actor Rolf Eden

Rolf Eden's fortune
His acting career began in Paris. There he liked working as an extra. He has starred in over 20 films since the 1960s. In 2011 his own life was filmed. A year later Rolf Eden published his autobiography: “Always lucky: How I became Germany’s most famous playboy”.

Real estate investments

Rolf Eden started investing in real estate in 1977. The money earned – from clubs and acting – was used to buy apartments and houses. Over time, real estate prices in the German capital developed splendidly, so that Rolf Eden was able to build up a state fortune. Today the 90-year-old owns over 700 rental apartments in Berlin – a real real estate empire.

Privacy and alimony

Born in Berlin, he is a dazzling playboy. He liked to refer to himself as the German Hugh Hefner or the only German playboy. In total, Rolf Eden has seven children by seven women – he transfers maintenance of 30,000 euros a month to his offspring.

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