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Roma Abdesselam


Abdesselam is an author who claims to be a stay-at-home mom, although she isn’t employed and spends as much as $50,000 a day of her parents’ money. Her job description reportedly includes swiping her dad’s Warbucks Amex Black card. Her net worth is unclear, but her total assets are at least eight hundred thousand New Zealand dollars.

Rich Background 

Roma Abdesselam’s parents are Algerian Christians. They are very wealthy, although they are not interactive with the media. Nevertheless, it is hard to say how wealthy they are, as the celebrity has denied asking about her parents’ background. Her parents are reportedly disciplinarians and once cut her off the family purse for spending excessively. They also put her on a monthly allowance for a while.

Million of Followers 

The Algerian-born dermatologist is known for her “Stay-at-home” TikTok videos and is a famous social media influencer. She has millions of followers on Instagram, where she promotes international brands. As of 2022, she is 41 years old. She has not revealed whether she has a boyfriend or not. If she is in a relationship, she has yet to disclose whether or not she is a committed partner.

Lavish Lifestyle 

Abdesselam has been able to maintain a significant online following since she began posting videos of herself spending lavishly on her online channel, TikTok. Her videos have been viewed millions of times, feeding the public’s fascination with rich people. While she claims to have been taken off her parents’ money, she is still considered a magnate and spends lavishly on her lifestyle.

Beauty Care Products 

As a stay-at-home daughter, Roma Abdesselam is also active in charity work. Her philanthropic efforts have focused on schools throughout the world. She donated over $81,000 at a popular quality retail outlet in Jamaica. She also has an outlet where she sells beauty care products. She is credited as the creator of “clean and harmless” skincare for dermatologists. In addition to her YouTube videos, she has also been a part of various fashion and beauty blogs.

‘Professional stay-at-home-daughter’

While Roma Abdesselam describes herself as a ‘professional stay-at-home-daughter’, her lifestyle on social media has many followers. She has also authored a book about her life and a blog titled For the Dermatologist. Roma Abdesselam is 41 years old as of 2022.

Wealthy Personality 

Despite her apparent wealth, Roma Abdesselam avoids answering questions about her parents’ wealth. She is also seen spending more than R10 000 per session on cosmetics and skincare products, getting drunk at a bar prior to her shopping spree. She also claims to spend up to $5485 a day on her clothes. Moreover, she spends as much as $50 000 a day on her personal finances without even knowing it.


Roma Abdesselam is a popular YouTuber who has over 600 thousand followers on her TikTok channel. She posts daily routines on the app and has been named ‘The Hottest Female Explorer’ by a popular magazine in 2021. However, her fan base is jealous of her lavish lifestyle and hammers her for using her parents’ money. Abdesselam’s parents are Algerian and her educational background is not completely clear.

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