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Sabrina Peterson Bmf

Black Mafia Family

The Black Mafia Family is a group of men and women who established means of drug transportation and delivery. Based in Detroit, the Black Mafia Family moved to highly secure locations for the production of their movies and television shows. Founded by Big Meech, the group is headed by rap artist Lil Meech and his alleged wife tones. Although the claims are not verified, the BMF entertainment CEO Tammy Cowins claims that the two are not married. The group has also made headlines with Sabrina Peterson, who is said to be the mother of his two sons, who is currently serving a year in jail for assaulting her nanny.

Personal Life

In 2012, Sabrina Peterson linked up with rapper Lil Meech, who was convicted of assaulting his babysitter. The two married and had a son named Lil Meech, a nine-year-old. While the baby was not named after its father, the couple didn’t mention the identity of the man who fathered it. The pair did not disclose who the child’s father was, but Big Meech was jailed for 30 years.

Net Worth 

While Sabrina Peterson’s personal life has remained mostly private, there are some details about her family. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and did not get married until she was 42. She has a son, who has not been named. The net worth of her family is $500 thousand, and she is currently the CEO of the GirlPower Holdings Umbrella. She also runs the Glam University online school.

Public Relationship

Sabrina Peterson has never revealed her relationship status. She has only publicly acknowledged her relationship with Big Meech. She has not been photographed with him since 2001, and the two have no children together. The child is named Lil Meech and was born in 2011. Neither mother nor father has spoken about the relationship, but the relationship seems to be going well. However, the couple is still single.

A Murder

In 2003, Peterson was sentenced to a year in prison for murdering her babysitter. In 2013, she was released from jail after serving a year on probation for the crime. Later, she became an advocate for women’s rights and equality and founded the Glam University, a business that provides business guidance to women. The BMF’s net worth is one million dollars. So, what is Sabrina Peterson’s net worth?


According to the reports, Meech is a proud father. After a lot of research, we found that his son ‘Demetrius Flenory Jr’ (Lil Meech) is a professional rapper and singer. Some media reports claim that he has two sons including Lil Meech.


Sabrina Peterson’s husband, Big Meech, and their child have been together for the past two years. She and Big Meech have a daughter together, but no other children have been born after they met. Despite the controversies surrounding them, Sabrina Peterson is a successful entrepreneur and a mother. She has a son, but her husband has never been married, and she hasn’t been seen on any episodes of the series.

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