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Sami Khedira: assets and salary at Hertha BSC

How much money does Sami Khedira have?

Sami Khedira, born on April 4, 1987, was one of the best German midfielders for a long time. He played in the top Real Madrid ensemble (2010-2015) and increasingly established himself as a world-class footballer. Since the contract with Real Madrid, which ran until 2015, was not extended, the international moved to the Italian first division club Juventus Turin on a free transfer. In addition to a million euros in hangeld, he earned his first Four-year contract with Juve until 2019 totaling 16 million euros. In 2018, this contract was prematurely extended to 2021 + an option for a further year. The salary was around 5 million euros per year, although the contract was terminated in February 2021. After a free transfer to Hertha Berlin in February 2021, Sami should earn 2 million euros by summer 2021. The estimated fortune of Sami Khedira according to our projections is around 25 million euros.

Sami Khedira’s career

Sami Khedira net worth
Like his football colleagues, Khedira played club football at a very early age, namely at the age of five for regional TV in Oefflingen. There he played successfully, but did not have the opportunity to play in the first division squad due to the numerous youth teams, as that club simply does not play in the first division. Fortunately, talent scouts are watching the VfB Stuttgart his game, so that in 1995 he was able to switch to that professional club in the youth, where it was now possible for him to reach the professional team through a consistently convincing game in the individual youth departments.

Indeed, Khedira managed to convince in the youth of VfB Stuttgart, he also played for the regional team, but had to take a break because of an operation on his knee in 2005. This was particularly annoying because shortly before he was allowed to train with the professionals for the first time under coach Trapattoni.

However, things should happen very quickly after his operation. He played in the Bundesliga for the first time in 2006. There he showed remarkable performances in 98 completed games and 14 goals, which not only earned him a place in the German national team, but also attracted the attention of other international clubs.

In the national team, Khedira has been a functional part under coach Jogi Löw since 2009 and has already played 70 games there while scoring 7 goals (as of April 2017). There, too, he earns nice bonuses, which make up further merit. In 2014 he became world champion with the German national team in Brazil.

Top 6 at Real Madrid

Sami Khedira salary
In 2010, after an attractive offer from Real Madrid, Khedira switched to the Spaniards and played alongside their national team colleague Mesut Özil. This was also financially worthwhile, as he would be Annual salary of 2.5 million, which he earned at VfB Stuttgart, was able to increase to 4 million and at the same time was able to play for one of the most prestigious international clubs. He played for Real for the first time on August 13, 2010, but since then has only had a lower hit rate than the Stuttgart team.

With the proud salary The German-Tunisian couldn’t keep up with Cristiano Ronaldo, but also one Annual income of 5 million euros exclusive bonus payments and advertising deals should have generated a substantial financial cushion at Real Madrid during the period.

Moved to Italy to Juventus Turin

Since Sami’s contract with Los Blancos was not renewed, he was able to move to Juventus Turin in June 2015 for free. With one million euros in hand money and a four-year contract until 2019 with a total of 16 million euros in salary, that should continue to do his fortune well.

His greatest successes

  • German national player (World Champion 2014, third place in the 2010 World Cup)
  • German Champion 2007 (VFB Stuttgart)
  • Spanish Champion 2012 (Real Madrid)
  • Spanish Cup Winner 2011, 2014 (Real Madrid)
  • Champions League Winner 2014 (Real Madrid)
  • Italian champion 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Juventus Turin)
  • Italian Cup Winner 2016, 2017, 2018 (Juventus Turin)

His possession

Despite his commitment in Madrid, Khedira remains loyal to his hometown Stuttgart. In a suburb of the city he recently left, according to the picture two houses worth 4 million euros build while he wants to move into one of the houses with his brother – he wants the top floor himself, his brother will keep the rest of the house – and his parents move into the second house.

Furthermore, Khedira is a car fan who loves fast and elegant vehicles. In addition to his Audi Q7, he also has one Porsche Cayenne SUV, which is available from a list price of € 59,358 – as a basic version, i.e. without extras and with the simplest equipment.


At the beginning of July 2015, Sami Khedira and long-term friend Lena Gercke separated after a four-year relationship. The reason for this is supposed to be that Sami wanted to start a family, but the top model would not be ready yet. He found his new love happiness with soccer player Melanie Leupolz.

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