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Banned Star

Sam Postar, a netizen with a huge following on social media, has recently become a target of the “banned” hashtag. The popular TikTok account is still private, but Sam’s films have garnered nearly 9 million views. However, many of Sam’s followers are worried. The internet user, who uses the handle @Sampostar, says the hashtag is simply an inside joke. However, he insists that the request is not a ban.

Disturbing Videos

Sam Postar has been in the center of a controversial situation for some time. He has posted disturbing videos on his account which show kids being murdered. His videos are not the only ones of this nature. Many users have been calling for his suspension. This is a sad situation that needs to be dealt with, and people are speaking out to get the attention of TikTok’s community. The situation is still unclear, but we’ve seen some of Sam’s past videos.


In terms of the film’s tone, this one is a “bombastic” movie. This film is full of overblown sentimentality, but it’s still fun and exciting. The actors are excellent and the film has a genuinely entertaining story. A movie like this should not fail to please fans. You will also want to watch this if you enjoy the genre of action movies. While it may not be your cup of tea, this film is still worth your time.


The Twitter account Sam Postar uses is one of the most popular on TikTok. He is an influencer on Twitter, and has more than 1.9 million followers. However, this has led to a tidal wave of anti-Sampostar content. Many TikTook users have been wondering: “How is Sam Postar not banned?”

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